Make Better Informed Decisions

With transaction-based market price and trend reports and analytics from Forest2Market, participants in the forestry, wood and paper products and bioenergy industries make better informed decisions.

Raw Material Prices

  • Stumpage prices for timberland owners
  • Delivered log, chip and biomass prices, including all component costs (stumpage, harvest and haul)
  • Lumber prices

Cost and Performance Benchmarks

  • Log and chip cost benchmarks for pulp and paper mills, wood products mills, bioenergy facilities and other forest bio-material producers
  • Facility performance benchmarks that allows managers to compare facility and staff performance to the market

Supply Chain and Analytic Services, Resource Studies and Forecasts

Using Forest2Market's proprietary transaction databases and forecast models, Forest2Market can:

  • Quantify supply, historical pricing and competition in a supply area
  • Assess supply chain logistics and availability in specific supply areas and recommend supply chain strategies
  • Answer a range of questions that forest biomaterials producers can use to site plants, evaluate capacity and improve their performance
  • Provide highly accurate feedstock sustainability and price forecasts

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Latest F2M News

Forest2Market Announces Sales Team Changes
September 24, 2014;

Forest2Market has announced the following changes to its sales and management teams:

  • Suzanne Hearn, VP of Marketing and Sales, retires
  • Tracy Leslie named Director, Forest Biomaterials and Sustainability Services
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Forest2Market Reports Misleading Use of its Data in Department of Energy and Climate Change Biomass Source Assessment Report
August 12, 2014;

Forest2Market has detailed the inaccurate and misleading ways its data was used in a report from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The report, “Life Cycle Impacts of Biomass Electricity in 2020,” is dated July 2014.

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Inaugural report from Forest2Market do Brasil shows effects of heavy rains on timber prices
July 28, 2014;

Forest2Market do Brasil releases first timber price benchmark for Brazil’s forest products industry. The report shows pine pulpwood (8-18 cm) prices increased by 4 percent in Parana and Santa Catarina from April to June of 2014.

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