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Make Better Informed Decisions with Data

Wood Fiber and Finished Material Prices

  • Timber prices (stumpage)
  • Delivered log, wood fiber and biomass prices, including all component costs (stumpage, harvest, haul)
  • Lumber prices
  • Forecasts

Cost and Performance Benchmarks

  • Timber price benchmarks and optimization analytics for corporate and investment organization landowners
  • Log and chip cost benchmarks for pulp and paper mills, wood products mills, bioenergy facilities and other forest bio-material producers
  • Facility performance benchmarks that allow managers to compare facility and staff performance to the market

Supply Chain Analytics and Consulting Services

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Fiber supply and capital allocation assessments
  • Supply sustainability assessments
  • Bankable resource studies
  • Site selection heat maps and studies

Latest F2M News

New International Investment Opportunities in Brazil’s Forest Sector
October 07, 2015;

Legislation currently in process sets the stage for new cycle of international investment opportunities in Brazil's forest sector. Read the article by Marcelo Schmid, Director of Forest2Market do Brasil.

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Effects of Brazil’s Recession on the Forest Products Industry
September 22, 2015;

Read an article by Pete Stewart (CEO of Forest2Market) and  Marcelo Schmid (Director of Forest2Market do Brasil) on the effects of Brazil's recession on the forest products industry.

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James (Mike) Branson Joins Forest2Market’s Board of Directors; Bowen Smith Retires after 14 Years of Service
July 15, 2015;

Forest2Market announced that James (Mike) Branson, who spent his 32-year career in the forest products industry at Weyerhaeuser, has been elected to Forest2Market’s board of directors. Bowen Smith, who has served on Forest2Market’s board for 14 years, is retiring.

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