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Forest2Market do Brasil Brings Transparent Market Pricing to the Brazilian Forest Products Industry
November 20, 2013;

Forest2Market do Brasil announced today that it has begun operations and will offer two market pricing products for the Brazilian forest products industry: a delivered price benchmark and a stumpage price report.

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Forest2Market Reports 2Q2013 Delivered Wood Fiber Prices for the Midwest
August 01, 2013;

Aspen prices remained steady before ending the quarter on an upswing. Hardwood and softwood prices saw significant increases before tapering off to typical levels. Average fuelwood prices steadily increased over the past three quarters.

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NAFO Releases Forest2Market Report on Economic Contribution of Forests to US Economy
June 28, 2013;

The National Alliance of Forest Owners releases Forest2Market study quantifying the economic contribution that private forest owners make to the US economy. 

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