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2-Year Stumpage Price Forecast - US South 

The 4Cast — a 24-month timber and wood fiber price forecast — supports operational decision making for those who buy and sell timber. With an understanding of future stumpage prices and insight into buying and selling windows (periods in which buyers or sellers hold relative market advantage), subscribers are better able to:

  • Time sales or purchases
  • Negotiate prices
  • Manage workload
  • Control inventory levels

As a result, subscribers improve their margins. Consider a 100,000 ton-per-year operation where a timber owner improves price realization or a mill owner lowers fiber costs by an average of $0.20 per ton over the course of the year. This response results in an additional $20,000 in profits during the year. This payoff is more than five-times the cost of the subscription. 

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Delivered quarterly, subscribers can tailor their forecast to include the information they need — adding only the regions and sub-regions in which they do business. For each region, the report includes:
  • The Economic Outlook — A comprehensive look at the macroeconomic factors that influence the forest products industry. The Outlook begins with a review of the current economic situation and then provides 24-month forecasts of major economic indicators.
  • Regional Stumpage Report — An in-depth look at the factors that affect regional timber prices. This report projects the relative influence of general economy, industry capacity, and local capacity in order to determine stumpage prices 24 months in advance. Prices are forecast for pine sawtimber, pine pulpwood, and hardwood pulpwood.

Additional reports provide detail on one or more sub-regions.

  • Sub-Regional Reports — A targeted look at local markets.
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The 2-year forecast is available for six regions and 22 sub-regions across the US South. Both regional and sub-regional reports are available. Click the image below to confirm your forecast region(s) and sub-region(s).

ALT 4Cast Region Map

MAG 4Cast Region Map

VAN 4Cast Region Map

WGF 4Cast Region Map

CGF 4Cast Region Map

4Cast Region SEC

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