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We provide detailed transactional data, cost benchmarks and in-depth analytics for participants in the wood raw materials supply chain.
  • Pricing Data
  • Benchmarks
  • Product Forecasting
  • Advisory Services
  • Analytics
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SilvaStat360 Platform

  • Price Benchmarks
  • The Beck Group’s Sawmill TQ
  • Timber Supply Analysis 
  • Global Economic Data

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From biomass suppliers in the Baltics to pulp producers in Brazil and TIMOs in the United States, Forest2Market provides products and services for suppliers, producers and other stakeholders in the global forest products industry.

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Global Wood & Fiber
Supply Chain Experts

Providing expert, on-demand data and analytics for the global forest supply chain

Forest2Market, a ResourceWise company, is a global provider of timber pricing, cost benchmarks and in-depth analytics for participants in the wood raw materials supply chain. Our data-based solutions provide insight into complex business issues and support fact-based decision making and planning.


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We Are Forest2Market.

Better Data. Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.

Forest2Market empowers participants in the global forest, wood products, paper products, biochemical and bioenergy industries to make exponentially better decisions through the strategic application of industry expertise and unique datasets.


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We Understand Forest Products Markets

And have the numbers to prove it

Forest2Market’s data is the only comprehensive set of data that is collected at the transaction level; no survey data is incorporated. This transaction data provides a full-spectrum view of market dynamics and includes information supplied by forest products companies, wood dealers, loggers, consultants and landowners.

270 Years

Combined Operational Experience

454 Million Rows

Authenticated Transactional Data

17.7 Billion Datapoints

Unique Data Set Elements
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Millions of Rows of On-demand Data. One Platform.

Discover SilvaStat360

Make better decisions with better data and intelligence using SilvaStat360, a flexible, customizable digital environment specifically designed for participants in the global forest supply chain. The business intelligence platform combines the best features, security and confidentiality of Forest2Market’s legacy reports with an enhanced suite of robust analytical tools.

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