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We provide detailed transactional data, cost benchmarks and in-depth analytics for participants in the wood raw materials supply chain.
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From biomass suppliers in the Baltics to pulp producers in Brazil and TIMOs in the United States, Forest2Market provides products and services for suppliers, producers and other stakeholders in the global forest products industry.

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Renewable Energy Analytics

Biomaterials project support

Renewable Energy Trends

Resources for the future

A global resurgence in wood production has been driven by the popularity and expansion of bioenergy derived from woody biomass, typically via industrial wood pellets. Increasingly used as a thermal heating source for consumers and as a feedstock for industrial purposes, the wood supply is being mobilized for energy purposes on a global scale.

Forest2Market provides a combination of transaction-based timber pricing data and supply chain expertise to those operating in the wood pellet, biopower, biofuels and biochemicals supply chain. We’re recognized by project developers and the finance community as a leading provider of project support feedstock analytics and related due diligence. These companies rely on Forest2Market to help them understand their competitive positions in the marketplace, which allows them to make exponentially better decisions throughout a project's life--decisions based on actual market data--as a result.

Long-term Availability and Cost of Feedstock

Understanding the long-term availability and cost of feedstock is critical to the success of renewable energy-based projects. Forest2Market has conducted nearly 300 studies to support projects undertaken by wood products, pulp and paper products, wood pellet, biopower, biofuels, and biochemical companies.


Discover the nearly 300 resource studies Forest2Market has conducted


Why Forest2Market Renewable Energy Advisory Services?

Planning for Project Success
Site Criteria Assessments

Combining our proprietary data and GIS technology with client project criteria allows for rapid identification of favorable project areas.

Market Analysis

Current & historical data on feedstock cost and volume, cost curves, competitor identification, research for negotiation support, custom price benchmarks.

Feedstock Supply Validation

Validate the reliability and market competitiveness of feedstock supply agreements to assist with funding and reassure investors.


Our Renewable Energy Advisory Services

Feedstock Resources, Market Analysis, Site Assessments, Inventory and Harvest Trends

Forest2Market’s team delivers data-driven assessments of renewable forest resources and the market drivers that impact them. The assessments of past, present, and future availability, sustainability, and price of feedstock assists in developing a feedstock portfolio, identifying potential suppliers, and supports the development and negotiation of contractual agreements.

Policy-Oriented Studies

An economic impact analysis provides insight into the indirect and induced effects of the project on the local economy, such as job creation and contribution to GDP. Forest2Market’s clients use these reports to secure state or local project permits and project infrastructure grants and, more broadly, to influence public policy at the state and national levels.

Feedstock Resource Studies & Forecasts

Forest2Market uses the most current forest inventory data available and current consumption volumes from our delivered cost database to model forest growth minus annual consumption by wood type (species and class). We then model long-term forest growth and removals and produce a forecast for the biological sustainability of a facility’s wood basin.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our knowledge of market dynamics enables us to advise clients on hedging and long-term contracting strategies. We have assisted numerous clients with the development of mutually beneficial supply and off-take agreement indexes to help ensure continuous supply and minimize volatility by transparently distributing price risk and opportunity.

Wood Raw Material Benchmarks

A renewable energy facility must continuously measure itself against the market to ensure that it is cost-competitive. Forest2Market works with renewables producers and end-users to help them manage their raw material costs by comparing performance to other facilities consuming the same raw materials in the same supply area.

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News and information for stakeholders in the wood bioenergy supply chain. If you can’t find the information you’re after in our article library, Forest2Market works closely with clients to build customized studies and consulting engagements that answer specific business questions and address specific concerns.

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