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Wood Pulp is a Sustainable Cotton Replacement, but is it Profitable?

US Forest Industry Performance: January 2020

PNW Log & Lumber Prices: 1Q2020 Update

Winter Precipitation Trends: Will Timber Prices be Impacted?

Pulp & Paper Business Cycles: Questions Executives Need to Ask

Eastern North America: Got Inventory?

Southern Timber Prices Diverge in 4Q2019; Which Products Gained Value?

Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Study Quantifies Impact for Landowners

US Labor Market: 4Q2019 Recap, 2020 Outlook

Five Predictions for Global Pulp & Paper Industries in 2020 (and Beyond)

US Housing Starts Reach13-year High in December

US Forest Industry Performance: December 2019

US-China Trade Deal Provides Relief for Hardwood Sector

NA Dimension Softwood Lumber Prices Firm in Early 2020

SYP Lumber Prices Deflate in 2019; What’s in Store for 2020?

Australia’s Catastrophic Wildfires are Unprecedented

Forest2Market Announces Role in Knight Property Transaction

The Value of Carbon Emission Avoidance with Biopower Generation

10 Predictions for Global Forest Industries in 2020

Forest2Market Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

University of Arkansas Unveils America's Largest Mass Timber Building

US Labor Market Wraps Up 2019 With a Bang

US Forest Industry Performance: November 2019

November Housing Starts Jump for Second Month in a Row

How Large Will Brazil’s Planted Forests be by 2030?

Millennials at Work Part II: Strategies for the Future

Stumpage Sales Slump: Will History Repeat Itself?

Forest2Market’s Newly Redesigned Website Wins 2019 Marcom Platinum Award

How Misinformation Produces Flawed Climate and Carbon Policies

Millennials at Work Part I: The Leadership Vacuum

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Volatile in November

Housing Starts Improve, Permits Soar in October

US Forest Industry Performance: October 2019

Pine Pulpwood: Driving the Southern Timber Price Rebound

Surplus of Beetle-Damaged Timber Impacting European Forest Industry

3 Reasons Forests are Invaluable to Both Humanity and the Environment

Southern Timber Prices Continued to Slide in 3Q2019

Can US Hardwood Exports Outlast the Global Trade War?

Log & Lumber Parity: Are PNW Producers Back in the Game?

Gordon and Gail Culbertson Win Oregon Tree Farmers Award

North American Panel Prices Recover as Building Season Winds Down

Forest2Market's Delivered Price Benchmarks Now Available on SilvaStat360 v.2

Mass Timber Business Planning and Development Supported by USFS Grant Program

Future Forests + Jobs: Growing Forests and Building a Stronger Economy

North American Softwood Lumber Prices Lose Ground Amid Market Uncertainty

Housing Starts Retreat Sharply in September

US Hardwood Industry Reeling from Tariffs, Trade War with China

Forest2Market Announces New Regional Sales Manager for Europe

US Forest Industry Performance: September 2019

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Reflect October Market Jitters

Wood Bioenergy, Forest Management Key to Combatting Climate Change

Housing Market Guidance: Will 2019 Meet Expectations?

Brazil’s Pine Export Market Braces for (Negative) Impact

Forest2Market Joins Industry Advocates at FRA Event in Washington

What’s Driving Delivered Prices Higher in the Northeast?

August Housing Starts Soar to 12-Year High

US Forest Industry Performance: August 2019

Why Record Log Exports from the Asian South are Under Pressure

North American Softwood Lumber Prices Steady Despite Market Uncertainty

Five (and a half) Factors That Impact Timber Prices

Western Communities Lose as Environmental Groups Reap Millions in EAJA Payouts

Continued Trade War Impacting Oil Prices and Exchange Rates

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Lose Steam in August

Biased Coverage of Rainforests Impacts Brazil’s Primary Forest Industry

Housing Starts Drop 4% in July

WSJ’s Incomplete Reporting Perpetuates Misconceptions About Bioenergy

US Forest Industry Performance: July 2019

The Seven Most Expensive Words in Business

Forest Thinning Projects Improve Forest Health

The Log Price Roller Coaster in the Pacific Northwest

Battery Ventures Acquires Forest2Market and Fisher International

Southern Timber Prices Plummet in 2Q2019

UK Electricity Generation from Renewables Reached new High in 2018

Australia’s Declining Softwood Chip Exports: A ‘Canary in the Mine’ Moment

CLT and Wood Construction Products Help Combat Anti-Forestry Narrative

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Show Signs of Life in July

New Log Export Tax Will Impact BC Forest Industry

Does Economic Slowdown Portend an Imminent Recession?

Housing Starts Drop Again in June

US Forest Industry Performance: June 2019

Pine Resin: The new ‘Green Gold’ in Brazil’s Planted Forests

Charting Precipitation Trends and Stumpage Prices Across the US South

Russian Sawmilling Sector: Factors Influencing Investment and Business Outlook

Regional Wood Fiber Costs vs. Oil Prices: Is there a Correlation?

Southern Yellow Pine Log Exports: An Historical Analysis

Brazil’s National Plan of Planted Forests: How Will it Impact the Forest Industry?

Labor Market Disappoints at Mid-Year Mark

Mid-Year Log Export Update: Pacific Northwest and US South

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Sink to 3-Year Low

Housing Starts Take a Step Back in May

US Forest Industry Performance: May 2019

Global Wood Fiber Prices: 1Q2019 Insights from Forest2Market

São Paulo Eucalyptus Market: From Water to Wine

Bipartisan Legislation Promotes Broader use of Biomass to Produce Renewable Fuels

Oil Price Volatility: Does it Impact Delivered Log Costs?

British Columbia Sawmill Curtailment and Timber Supply Update

Chinese Tariffs Impacting US Forest Supply Chain

Sudden Drop in Plywood Exports Worries Brazilian Producers

Understanding Regional Differences in Biomass Supply – A Critical Step for Bioenergy Developers

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Plunge in May

Precipitation Trends & Wildfire Outlook for the Pacific Northwest

Mid-Year Housing Market Update

US Forest Industry Performance: April 2019

US Housing Starts Spring to Life in April

How the Forest Industry Utilizes Harvested Trees

New Report Details Regional Timberland Ownership and Class Profiles

Despite Turbulent Start to the Year, Brazil’s Forestry Sector Remains Optimistic

North American Softwood Lumber Prices Bounce in Early May

Southern Timber Prices Skyrocket in 1Q2019

Regional Changes Impacting the Sawmill Sector: Follow the Money… and the Wood

New Report Details the Economic Impact of US Forest Products Industry

The US General Economy: Is GDP Growth Slowing?

SYP Lumber Prices Stall, then Spike in Late April

Forest Service Publishes Update Detailing the State of America’s Forests

Monitoring Timber Prices and Inventories in the Lake States

US Housing Starts Disappoint in March

New Study Quantifies the Economic Impact of Private, Working Forests in the US

US Forest Industry Performance: March 2019

Supply Chain Price Differences Affecting the North America Pulp and Paper Industry

Australia’s State of the Forests Report Shows Healthy Forest Trends & Economy

For Asian Bioenergy Producers, Success is Driven by Mastering Feedstock Management

Surge in Eucalyptus Demand in Mato Grosso do Sul

Regional Differences Pose Profitability Challenges for North American Sawmills

Renewable Energy Grows to a Third of Global Power Capacity in 2018

Forest2Market do Brasil Supports Forest Products Industry Expansion with Launch of Timber Supply Analysis 360, a Forest Resource Analysis and Forecasting Tool

Oil Prices & Exchange Rates: Global Snapshot for 1Q2019

Carolinas Stumpage Market: Identifying Imbalances After Hurricane Florence

Feedstock Sourcing for Asian Bioenergy Growth: The US South Offers Advantages

Identifying Opportunities for Improving Lumber Recovery

Biomass101 Refutes Anti-Forestry Extremists with Facts, Science

Spring Snowmelt: Transportation Woes Stall North American Lumber Shipments

SYP Lumber Prices Plummet, Then Rebound in March

US Housing Starts Skyrocket in January, Lose Ground in February

Identifying Opportunities to Increase Lumber Selling Values

Correlating Rainfall & Timber Prices: What Does the Data Say?

USIPA Cites Forest2Market Study in Rebuttal of Anti-Biomass, Fear-Based Film

Brazilian Exports of Eucalyptus Logs & Chips Soar in 2018

What’s Driving Forest Industry Growth in the US South?

US Forest Industry Performance: February 2019

Improved Lumber Recovery at New Southern Yellow Pine Sawmills

US Wood Pellet Exports Increased 17% in 2018

How Should Policymakers Respond to Shifts in the Secondary Wood Fiber Market?

Japanese Demand for Wood Pellets Largely Fulfilled by North American Producers

Next-Generation Sawmills Must Master Supply Chain Efficiencies

Lumber Demand: What to Expect Over the Next Five Years

Labor Market Metrics: 2019 off to a Strong Start

US Housing Starts Plummet in December, Capping a Weak 2018

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Skyrocket; Will History Repeat?

Harvests Approach Maximum Sustainable Levels as Roundwood Prices Surge in Sweden

Pacific Northwest Log Markets: Domestic and Export Prices Diverge

US Forest Industry Performance: January 2019

How Are Lumber Manufacturing Costs Changing the Industry?

Softwood Lumber Prices Rise as Canadian Transportation Issues Hamper Deliveries

Forest2Market Launches New Interactive Stumpage Price Tool

Southern Timber Prices: 4Q2018 Performance & Outlook

Southern Sawmills Must Prepare for Change in Log Costs

Analysis of a Natural Disaster: Hurricane Michael’s Lasting Impacts on Florida's Timber Inventory

SYP Lumber Prices Steady amid Changing Global Lumber Flows

Increased Automation Will Improve Southern Sawmill Efficiency

Structural Changes in Log Supply Hinder Wood Products Industry in PNW

Southern Pine Sawtimber vs. Residuals: A Tale of Two Markets

The Technologies Defining New Southern Yellow Pine Sawmills

2019 Economic Outlook: Hamstrung by Rate Hikes?

Forest2Market do Brazil Organizes International Event for Forestry Investors

Pellets & Pulp: The Changing Nature of the Southern Residuals Market

Size Matters: New Southern Yellow Pine Sawmills Scale for Efficiency

US Forest Industry Performance: December 2018

Loss of Hardwood Markets Represents a Structural Shift Affecting Residuals

CLT and Engineered Wood Products Poised for Growth in 2019

Forest2Market Product Spotlight: Economic Analysis Tool

Forest2Market Report Shows Changing Demand for Wood Fiber is Impacting Residuals Markets

At Issue: The Renewable Fuel Standard and Small Refinery Waivers

US Endowment Launches New Forum for Forestry-Based Innovation

Renewable Fuel Standards Set for 2019

SYP Lumber Prices Finish 2018 in a Slump; Outlook for 2019

New Farm Bill: What’s in it for Forestry?

11 Predictions for Global Wood Consuming Industries in 2019

US Housing Starts Gain in November; Market Continues its Perplexing Slump

US Forest Industry Performance: November 2018

US South Timber Prices: 3Q2018 Performance & Outlook

Christmas Tree Growers Must Balance Supply with Consumer Trends

US Plywood Imports from Brazil on Track to Increase 34% in 2018

NA Softwood Lumber Prices Compared to Historical Highs: December 2018

The Rise & Fall of Log and Lumber Prices in the Pacific Northwest

Forest2Market Product Spotlight: SilvaStat360 Precipitation Data

Why Have Lumber Prices Fallen?

Will the Affordable Clean Energy Rule Save a Spot for Biomass?

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Understanding Forest Inventory

Did SYP Lumber Prices Find a Floor in November?

US Housing Starts Inch up in October as Market Shows Signs of Weakness

Analysis of Economic Health: Forecasting Gross Domestic Product

US Forest Industry Performance: October 2018

Stumpage or Delivered: Is there an Ideal Sales Model in the US South?

NH Biomass Sustains Veto, but a New Challenge Emerges

Presidential Wildfire Tweets: Right Message, Wrong Time

Timber Supply Analysis 360: Unique Data for the Pacific Northwest

Southern Yellow Pine Exports to China on Pace to Double in 2018

Market Snapshot: Canadian Softwood Lumber

Timber Supply Analysis 360: Forest Data by Ownership Type

Brazil Election 2018: Implications for the Forest Sector

Housing Start Forecast: What the Next Five Years Really Look Like

Timber Supply Analysis 360: Growth and Removals Data

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Plummet in October

The US/China Trade War & Log Price Trends in the PNW

September Housing Starts Disappoint After Devastating Hurricane Season

Forest2Market Product Spotlight: Timber Supply Analysis 360

IEA Report: Bioenergy will Lead Renewable Energy Growth Over Next 5 Years

Surveying Timberland Damage in the Wake of Major Hurricanes

US Forest Industry Performance: September 2018

New Developments Affecting North American Softwood Lumber Prices

Brazilian Lumber Exports Increase to Meet North American Demand

Oregon Clears the Way for Taller Mass Timber Buildings

The Advantages of Genetic Improvements for Pine and Eucalyptus Plantations

‘Waste to Wisdom’ Wood Energy Project Publishes Report

Data Reinforces Value of a Consulting Forester on Timber Sales

Factions Come Together in new Wildfire Fight for Clean Air

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Steady in September

US Housing Starts Surge in August; Existing Home Prices Increase

How Much Money is an Acre of Timber Worth?

Valor Econômico: Brazilian Packaging Producers Fear Forest Blackout Amid High Wood Prices

US South Timber Prices: 2Q2018 Performance & Outlook

US Forest Industry Performance: August 2018

DOE Picks 36 Bioenergy Projects for $80M in Funding

Are High Timber Prices in Minas Gerais Surprising? Not for Forest2Market Customers in Brazil

Western North America Wildfires Continue to Impact Forest Industry

North American Softwood Lumber Prices Compared to Historical Highs

Will the Independent Sawmill Industry in Finland Survive?

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Rebound in July

Have We Hit Peak Housing? US Housing Starts Disappoint in July

US Forest Industry Performance: July 2018

Proposed Chinese Tariffs: Potential impacts for the PNW Forest Industry

How Many Tons of Wood are on an Acre of Land?

North American Softwood Lumber Prices Continue to Drop

Is it Time to Invest in Argentina’s Forests?

Thriving with Versatility: Forest2Market do Brasil

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Retreat and Settle in July

Strong Demand for Pine Logs in Brazil Outpacing Supply

Marcelo Schmid Talks about Supply and Demand in Fohla de S.Paulo

US Housing Starts Drop to Nine-Month Low in June

2018 Wildfire Season Update for the Western US

North America Lumber and Panel Prices Settle Back to Normal Territory

US Forest Industry Performance: June 2018

Investment Opportunities in Uruguay’s Forestry Industry

Madison's Lumber Reporter Launches on Forest2Market's SilvaStat360

More Uncertainty for NH Biomass on the Horizon

Chip & Pulpwood Price Trends in the US South & PNW

US Housing Starts Reach 11-Year High in May

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Spike to Record High in June

Sawmill TQ: A More User-Friendly and Timely Sawmill Benchmarking Service

US Forest Industry Performance: May 2018

Log Prices in the US South vs. the Pacific Northwest

Pennies Matter: What Does a 1% Supply Chain Savings Look Like?

Canada Pushes Back, Announces Duties on US Wood Products Imports

Drax Power One Step Closer to a Coal-Free Future

The Disconnect Between Log Prices and Lumber Prices in the US South

British Columbia Log and Timber Supply Update

Eucalyptus Price Trends in Brazil

Forest Mortality Exceeds Growth in America’s National Forests

US Housing Starts Inch Down in April; ‘Demographic Tailwind’ at Risk

Global Renewable Energy Industry Now Employs Over 10 Million

US Forest Industry Performance: April 2018

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Hit New Record High in May

Carbon Accounting is Complex; Forest Benefits Are Simple

Madison's Lumber Reporter Moving to SilvaStat360, Forest2Market's Online Delivery Platform

Chilean Wood Products Market Offers Export & Import Opportunities

PNW Log Costs Remain Near Record Highs

Finland’s Consumption of Domestic Roundwood Reached a new Record in 2017

US South Timber Prices: 1Q2018 Performance & Outlook

The Beck Group and Forest2Market Announce Sawmill TQ, a New Service for Southern Sawmills

Brazil’s Wood Products Industry is Poised for Growth

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices More Volatile in April

Can the Lake States Capitalize on Surge in NA Forest Industry Investment?

US Housing Starts: Affordability Crunch Impacting Performance

Mild Winter Weather Creates Challenges for Scandinavian Forest Industry

As Global Bioeconomy Continues to Grow, Finland’s Forest Sector Leads the Way

US Forest Industry Performance: March 2018

The Conversion of Planted Forests in Paraná, Brazil and its Effects on the Market

Forest2Market to Present at Olympic Logging Conference in Victoria, BC

Douglas Fir Log Prices Surge in 1Q2018 Amid Tight Supply, Strong Demand

Southern Timberland Owners: Are You Requiring $/Ton Bids for Your Timber Sales?

USDA Report Shows Economic Impact of Biobased Economy, Wood Pellet Demand

Reevaluating Winter Log Inventories in the Northeast

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Hit New High in March

Forest2Market to Present at Timber and Sawn Wood Market Conference in Russia

US Forest Industry Performance: February 2018

US Housing Starts Plunge in February; Challenges on the Horizon

Steel Tariffs Cause Uncertainty, May Stimulate CLT Growth

Ravenous Lumber Customers Wait for Wood; Sawmill Expansions on Horizon

More Challenges for New England Biomass as Connecticut Changes RPS

Timberland Prices Rise and Fall, but Ultimately Return to Trend

Forest Products Supply & Demand in the Baltics

Record New Zealand Log Exports Driven by Chinese Demand

Optimize Your Supply Chain to Maximize Enterprise Value

Forest Industry in Finland & Russia: Opportunities & Challenges

CLT & Mass Timber Establishing a Global, Mainstream Presence in 2018

US Forest Industry Performance: January 2018

US Housing Starts: January Posts Strong Numbers to Kick off New Year

Biomass Installed Capacity More Than Doubled in 2017

Japanese Demand Could Usher in new Wave of Development for US South Pellet Manufacturers

North American Lumber Prices on a Runaway as Supply Remains Tight

EPA Chief Advocates for Wood Energy, Forest Stewardship on NH Trip

Brazil Forest Industry: Is Demand for Eucalyptus in Paraná Here to Stay?

PNW Log Markets Causing Challenges for Regional Mills

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Hit New High in February

South Arkansas/North Louisiana Timber Market Offers Operating Advantages

Modern Technology Driving Forest Management Practices

US South Timber Prices: 4Q2017 Performance & Outlook

Are Pine Plantations in the US South Profitable Investments?

Japan's Booming Timber Exports Driven by Chinese Demand

Drax to Convert Fourth Biomass Unit in 2018

An Honest Conversation: California Must Reevaluate Forest Management Practices

Charting the Sinking Dollar and Lumber Trade Flows into 2018

New EU Proposal Would Increase Role of Renewables

The US Housing Market: 2017 Performance and 2018 Outlook

US Forest Industry Performance: December 2017

North American Lumber Industry Starts 2018 in High Gear

Managing Wood Costs during Winter Months in Eastern North America

10 Predictions for Global Wood Consuming Industries in 2018

Export Regulations of Russian Birch Logs Likely in 2018

2017 Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices: Quarterly Data and Yearly Comparisons

Beyond Feedstock: The Importance of Securing Reliable Access to Wood Fuel

Mass Timber Projects Gaining Ground & Reaching New Heights

Lumber Prices: A Look Back at the North American Forest Industry in 2017

US Housing Starts Continue End-of-Year Run in November

Lumber Prices in the Final Week Before Traditional Forestry Holiday Break

US Forest Industry Performance: November 2017

Southern Yellow Pine Exports to China on Pace to Double in 2017

Secretary Zinke Demonstrates Commitment to Working Forests

Scarcity of Birch Veneer Logs in Russia Raises Questions

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Remain High in November

Real Christmas Trees May be Hot Commodities this Holiday Season

Douglas Fir Log Prices Reach Record Highs in Pacific Northwest

Accurate Stumpage Prices Are Crucial for Reliable Timber Valuations

Brazil's Changing Role in the Global Pulp Market

US Housing Starts Surge in October; Home Prices Remain High

Biomass Plants in the Northeast Scramble to Change Business Model

US Forest Industry Performance: October 2017

European Biomass Association Publishes 2017 Statistical Report

Australia’s Forest Products Industry Continues to Grow in 2017

SilvaStat360 Highlights & Video Demonstration: Eastern North America

Update: Northeast and Appalachian Hardwood Log and Lumber Exports

US South Timber Prices (Except Sawtimber) Rise in 3Q2017

Biofuels Sector Struggles amid Nebulous RFS, Plant Closures

Settlement Talks Fail, US Finalizes Decision on Canadian Softwood Lumber Duties

SilvaStat360 Highlights & Video Demonstration: Western North America

Forest2Market Produces Forecast for South Arkansas and North Louisiana Timber Market

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Remain High in October

SilvaStat360 Highlights & Video Demonstration: US South

Apple Promotes Awareness, Initiatives for Global Working Forests

Pete Stewart Presents at 2017 USIPA Conference

US Housing Starts Drop to One-Year Low in September

US Forest Industry Performance: September 2017

Rep. Westerman Pushes for Needed Reform Amid Catastrophic Wildfires

SilvaStat360 Highlights & Video Demonstration: Stumpage Reports

EPA One Step Closer to Repealing Clean Power Plan

Forest2Market’s Most Recent March on Congress

SilvaStat360 Will Change the Way You Interact With Our Data

New Study: Biomass Electricity in the US Facing Headwinds

What’s Happening to the Housing Market?

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Spike in September

US Housing Starts Flat in August; Segment Likely to Slow Further

US Forest Industry Performance: August 2017

Western Wildfires Devastate Region... and Budgets

Forest2Market to Introduce New Technology-Enabled Business Intelligence Platform

Will Hurricane Harvey Dampen the Construction Boom in Texas?

Global Wood Fiber Prices: 2Q2017 Insights from Forest2Market’s Western Hemisphere Benchmark

Douglas Fir and Hem-Fir Log Diameter Trends in the Pacific Northwest

How Have Recent Gulf Coast Hurricanes Affected Stumpage Price?

Recent Precipitation Impacts on Pine Pulpwood Prices in the US South

Improve Your Forecasting with Actionable Business Intelligence

US Postpones Decision on Canadian Softwood Lumber Duties

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Remain Flat in August

A Timber Harvest: NH Public Radio Educates on Value of Forests

Lumber Composite for June & July: A Monthly Comparative Analysis

US Housing Starts Drop Unexpectedly in July

US Forest Industry Performance: July 2017

Forests and Urban Development Part II: US South Land Use Change

Reliable Data: The Real Key to Resolving Budgeting Challenges

The Relationship between Demand and Forest Productivity in the US South: Part V

South Korea's Largest Wood Pellet Plant to Launch in September

Forests and Urban Development Part I: US Land Use Change

New Hampshire Biomass Gets a Temporary Lifeline, But What’s Next?

The Relationship between Demand and Forest Productivity in the US South: Part IV

Increasing Urbanization Harms Forests and Rural Workers: The Evidence

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Flatten in July

Accurate Forecasting: There Is No Substitute for a Precise Starting Point

The Relationship between Demand and Forest Productivity in the US South: Part III

US South Timber Prices Continue to Drop in 2Q2017

The Relationship between Demand and Forest Productivity in the US South: Part II

The Relationship between Demand and Forest Productivity in the US South: Part I

US Housing Starts Jump in June

Forest2Market Report Shows Increased Demand for Wood Fiber Leads to Forest Growth

Forest2Market Cited in IEA Bioenergy Report on Global Wood Pellet Trade

EPA Publishes Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes for 2018

US Forest Industry Performance: June 2017

Tracking Timber Prices, Seasonality and Inventories in the Great Lakes

Mid-Summer Wildfire Update for Western North America

The Coming Lumber Gap: Part II

EU Forest Management Policy Must Focus on Long Term

Resilient Federal Forests Act Would Benefit Forests and Communities

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Continue to Drop in June

DOC Adds Anti-Dumping Duties to Canadian Softwood Lumber Imports

The Coming Lumber Gap: Part I

FSC and PEFC Publish Data on Double Forest Certification

US Housing Starts Drop Unexpectedly in May

US Forest Industry Performance: May 2017

Moving Beyond Biofuels 1.0: Aviation Sector Leads the Way

Japanese Renewables Poised for Growth with New, International Investment

Despite Low Winter Rainfall, US South Mill Inventories Largely Unchanged

US Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord: What’s Really at Stake?

Brazilian Pulp Market: Recent Revenue Increases Reverse Trend

Canadian Lumber Tariffs Impacting Southern Yellow Pine Prices

Working Forest Collaboration Focuses on Sustainability in the Carolinas

NAFP Launches New Communications Project: Walk in the Woods

Carbon Emissions from Forest-Based Biomass are 115% Lower than NG

US Forest Industry Performance: April 2017

US Housing Starts Inch Down in April; Market Remains Flat in 2017

Top 10 States Where Wildfires Cause the Most Damage

Trump Challenges Antiquities Act; May Benefit Forest Communities

Forest2Market Publishes First Transaction-Based Wood Price Report for Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States and Northwest Russia

Australia’s Diverse Forest Industry Part 2: Imports & Exports

US South Wood Fuel Prices: 1Q2017 Wrap-Up

Spending Bill Promotes Carbon Neutrality of Biomass, Working Forests

Australia’s Diverse Forest Industry Part 1: Forest Inventory & Profile

US South Timber Prices Drop in 1Q2017

Japanese Energy Firm Invests in Torrefied Biomass Manufactured in US

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Surge to 12-Year High in April

US Imposes Canadian Lumber Tariffs in Absence of New Softwood Lumber Agreement

US Forest Industry Performance: March 2017

Maine Forest Industry Positioning Itself for the Future

Southern Pine Beetle Outbreak Could Threaten Alabama Forests

With Winter’s Late Arrival, US Housing Starts Drop in March

Climate Change Research Focuses on Great Lakes Forests

Australia Feedstock Supply and Price for Asian Biomass Consumers

Vietnam Feedstock Supply and Price for Asian Biomass Consumers

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Remain High Through March ‘17

Chile Feedstock Supply and Price for Asian Biomass Consumers

Executive Order Takes Aim at Clean Power Plan

Forest2Market at 2017 Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference

US Housing Starts Inch Upward in February

US Forest Industry Performance: February 2017

Brazil Feedstock Supply and Price for Asian Biomass Consumers

Celebrate Wood Energy on 2017 International Day of Forests

Forest2Market Launches new Websites in Finnish, Swedish & Russian

Despite Recent Closures, US Creates Opportunities for Swedish Sawmills

Commerce Dept. Seeks Feedback on Regulatory Burdens from Manufacturers

Existing Biopower Producers Key to the Industry’s Future

British Columbia Feedstock Supply and Price for Asian Biomass Consumers

Greenpeace’s “Meaning of Is” Moment

Drax Biomass, AFF Launch Initiative for Private Landowners in US South

Bipartisan ‘Timber Innovation Act’ Reintroduced in Senate and House

Crunching the Numbers with a Forest2Market Data Specialist

Annual Allowable Cut Reductions in the British Columbia Interior

US Northwest Biomass Feedstock Supply for Asian Biopower Producers

Data Tells the Story of Oregon’s Forests

Forest2Market Ranked #30 in List of Top 75 Global Forest Blogs

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Soar in Feb. 2017

US South Biomass Feedstock Supply for Asian Biopower Producers

US Forest Service Uses Data to Visualize Impact of Wildfire Smoke

Wood Construction: Good for Communities, Good for the Environment

US Housing Starts: January 2017’s Flat Performance

Forest Industry Performance: January 2017

Lithuanian Forest Land: An Investment Opportunity Poised for Growth

Planned Biofuel & Lumber Facility Would be Boon for Newfoundland

Estonia’s Vibrant Forest Industry Part II: Imports & Exports

Proposed Biorefinery Would Represent Largest Industrial Investment in Estonia

Possible Export Ban of Russian Birch Logs on the Horizon

Estonia’s Vibrant Forest Industry Part I: Timber Supply & Investment

Greenpeace Tactics Backfire despite "Surreal" Media Environment

PiiMega Adds Forest2Market Data Export Module to PiiMega® ForestPro and TimberPro

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Prices Dip in January ‘17

Latvia’s Vibrant Forest Industry Part II: Imports & Exports

Residues Becoming a Problem for Northeastern Mills

Latvia’s Vibrant Forest Industry Part I: Timber Supply & Investment

2016 Housing Starts: Strongest Year since 2007 but Challenges Remain

US South Timber Prices by Region: November/December 2016

Urban Wood Waste: Are You Overlooking a Viable Feedstock?

Rising Fiber Costs Threaten Russian Pulp & Paper Industry

Forest Industry Performance: December 2016

Forest2Market Launches Enhanced, Redesigned English and Portuguese Websites

DOE Announces Funding for Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biopower Projects

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber: Quarterly Prices and Yearly Comparisons

Spotlight on Northeast and Appalachian Hardwood Log and Lumber Exports

9 Predictions for Global Wood Consuming Industries (& the NBA) in 2017

Housing Starts Take a November Nose Dive

Forest Industry Performance: November 2016

4Q2016 Update: Bioenergy Projects Underway in Scandinavia & the Baltics

11 Reasons to get Excited about Christmas (Trees)

AEBIOM Releases 2016 Biomass Report & Outlook

EPA Finalizes Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes for 2017

Chart of the Month: Canadian Lumber Imports

Two Sides Illustrates Health of American Forests with Data

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber: Quarterly and YTD Prices

Log & Lumber Exports to China Show Strong Demand for US Wood Products

A Critical Balance: Healthy Forests and the Forest Products Industry

Forest2Market do Brasil Sponsors Seminar on Paraná’s Forest Market

Housing Starts Surge to Nine-Year High in October

US Market Pulp Trade Statistics: September 2016

Forest Industry Performance: October 2016

Aviation Biofuels Receive Global Support at UN Aviation Conference

Wood-Based Aviation Biofuel Powers First Coast-to-Coast Commercial Flight

New Opportunities for Biomass Growth: Japan and South Korea

Fred Souba Appointed Chief State Forester at Wisconsin DNR

Great Lakes Wood Procurement: Securing Fiber in a Seasonal Market

Global Wood Fiber Prices: 3Q2016 Western Hemisphere Benchmark

Slow Progress on New Softwood Lumber Agreement

Strong Demand for Lumber Driving Sawmill Expansions in the US South

Structural Plywood Imports to US on Track

Pete Coutu to Speak at FRA Maine Forestry Forum

Single-Family Housing Starts Gain

US South Stumpage Market: YTD 2016 Results and Historic Trends

Forest Industry Performance: September 2016

Demonstrating Sustainable Forest Management through Certifications

New RFS Proposals a Boon for Forest Biomass

New York Times Column: Advancing the Anti-Forestry Narrative

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber: Quarterly, YTD Price Update

US South Stumpage Price Trends by Region: July/August 2016

Housing Market Data a Mixed Bag as Peak Season Comes to a Close

CLT and Other Mass Timber Systems Gaining Ground in US

AFF Report Highlights Need for Wildlife Conservation in Southern Working Forests

North American Forest Partnership: Common Ground for ‘Forestry’ Brand

Forest Industry Performance: August 2016

Timberland Management in the Wake of a Natural Disaster

New Thunder Bay Bio-Refinery Exemplifies Forest Industry Partnerships, Innovation

California 2016: Decline in Biomass Use Creating Tinder Box

Global Wood Consuming Industries: 2016 YTD in Review

Forest2Market Announces New Regional Sales Manager for Western North America, Joel Swanton

Housing Starts Edge Up, SYP Prices Remain Strong in July

Return to Log: How Sawmills Determine a Log’s Value

Working Forests vs Solar Farms

Forest Industry Performance: July 2016

Put the Pedal to the Wood: New Biomaterials Produced from Forest Resources

LignoTech Partnership Highlights Changing Dynamic, Markets for Forest Products Companies

Declining Electricity Prices in the Northeast Hinder Biomass Market

SYP Exports to China on Track to Increase by 163% in 2016; Doug Fir on the Decline, Hemlock Flat

Global Wood Fiber Prices: 2Q2016 Insights from Forest2Market

How to Change Public Perceptions of Forestry and the Forest Products Industry

The West’s Ravaged Woodlands—A Problem with a Proven Solution

US Regional Roundwood Prices Trend Down in 1H2016

Wood Fiber Supply and Demand in the Baltic Rim

US South Stumpage Market Trends: 1H2016 Results and Outlook

US Housing Starts, Global Economic Uncertainty Increase in June

Softwood Lumber Agreement Deadline Looms: US, Canada Working on New Deal

Forest Industry Performance: June 2016

Brazil’s Political Realities & the Environment for Forest Investments

Delivered Price Benchmarks Sharpen Sawmill Performance

South Carolina Forestry Commission to Host Export Convention

Fiber Shortage, Mill Closures Put Pressure on BC Wood Pellet Operations

North American Leaders Commit to Aggressive 50% Clean Power Goal by 2025

Working Forests 101: The Importance of Working Forests in the US

NAFO Releases Forest2Market Report on Inventories, Removals on Privately-Owned Timberlands

Mid-Year Report: PNW Forest Industry Performance and 2H2016 Developments

New USDA Data Explores Values, Trends of Family Forest Owners

Accurately Measuring Forest Sustainability

Housing Starts Flatten, Southern Yellow Pine Prices Remain High

Forest Industry Performance: May 2016

Sawmill Log Procurement: Hunting the Ideal Log

US South Leads Growth in Biomass Electricity Generation; Costs Remain High

USDA Announces Millions in Payments to Support Production of Advanced Biofuels

NAFO Report Highlights Part 2: Economic Impact of Forest Products Industry

NAFO Report Highlights Part 1: U.S. Timberland Ownership and Classes

Western Hemisphere Benchmark: New Insights into Global Wood Fiber Supply Chain

Global Trends Driving the Great Lakes Region Forest Products Industry

Timber Price Movements in the US South during March/April 2016

Housing Starts Jump, Southern Yellow Pine Prices Steady in April

EPA Releases Proposed RFS Volumes for 2017

Forest Industry Performance: April 2016

Renewable Energy Directive Update: European Commission to Scrap Biofuels Post-2020

Softwood Pulpwood Demand Declines in the Northeast

Clear as Wood? Swedes Develop Transparent Wood Material for Solar Panels and Windows

Trends and Projections for Forest Product Exports from the Pacific Northwest

US South Wood Fuel Prices: 1Q2016 Wrap-Up

What Does It Take to Move Pulpwood from Western Russia to Scandinavia by Water?

Housing Starts Dip in March; Southern Yellow Pine Prices Continue to Skyrocket

Timber Price Movements in the US South during January/February 2016

Forest Industry Performance: March 2016

UNEP Report: Renewable Energy Investments Set New World Record in 2015

FedEx Commits to Biofuels Derived from Healthy Western Forests

US Green Building Council’s New LEED Change a Boon for Forest Industry and Landowners

Baltic States Forest Industry Snapshot: Export Markets Key to Success

Collaborative Forest2Market Project Identifies New Species of Pine on April 1: pinus antennae

Housing Starts, Southern Yellow Pine Prices Surge in February/March

Closing the Gap between Stumpage Prices and Delivered Fiber Prices

Precipitation Event Impacts: The Relationship between Haul Distance & Supplier Margin

China Shifts Demand from Southern Yellow Pine Logs to Ponderosa Pine in 2015

Forest Industry Performance: February 2016

Precipitation Event Impacts: Mill Inventories & Delivered Price

Wood Remains the Preferred, Primary Renewable Energy Source in Europe

Forest2Market Staff Exhibiting and Presenting at International Biomass Conference & Expo

Precipitation Event Impacts: Shifts in Wood Supply & Procurement Patterns

Changing Timberland Ownership Creates Challenges for Lake States Forest Industry

US South Future Implications Part II: Price Trends

US South Future Implications Part I: Timber Inventory

Ripe for Investment: South American Forestry Markets

Weather and Economic Uncertainty Combine to Freeze January Housing Data

Forest Industry Performance: January 2016

Siting a Biofuel or Biochemical Facility? Maximize Your Resource Study

Three Essential Elements of a Quality Biomass Feedstock Price Index

Forest Biomass Receives Carbon-Neutral Classification in Senate Amendment

How Rising and Falling Prices Affect Wood  Cost Components?

PNW Challenges for 2016: Tightening Margins Require Crisp Reactions, Laser Focus

Northeast Pulpwood Market Creates Challenges, Uncertainty for Region

Despite a December Dip, Housing Starts Finish 2015 on Forecast

Tree Harvesting and its Effect on Soil Nutrients

Forest Industry Performance: December 2015

Record Precipitation in 4Q2015 has Little Effect on US South Stumpage Prices

5 Causes of Price Variation: Stumpage Costs for Wood-Consuming Industries

FAO Report Highlights Resurgence in Global Wood Production

9 Predictions for Global Wood Consuming Industries in 2016

2015 Wood Consuming Industry Predictions: The Scorecard

UN Food & Agriculture Organization Releases 2015 Global Forest Resources Assessments

Housing Starts, SYP Lumber Price Increase in November

The Value of a Consulting Forester

Forest Industry Performance: November 2015

Site Selection and Wood Procurement Strategies in the US South

5 Steps for Siting a Wood-based Manufacturing Facility

Aviation Biofuels Ready for Takeoff

EPA Releases Final Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes

Sound and Fury: 1990s Chip Mill Phenomenon and Today’s Pellet Mill Phenomenon

Roundwood Price Update: YTD US Regional Report

US v. EU Energy Prices: How High is Too High?

Housing Starts Drop Sharply in October

Forest2Market Study Shows U.S. Wood Pellet Industry No Threat to U.S. South Forests

Forest Industry Performance: October 2015

Bergs Timber Subscribes to Forest2Market’s Baltic Rim Timber Price Index

7 Forest Products Industry Developments in the PNW to Watch in 2016

Six Reasons Thinning Trees is Good for the Forest

Wood Fiber Supply Chain Characteristics Part 2: The Dollar’s in the Details

Wood Fuel Price Update: 3Q2015

Surprising Support for Carbon Value That Will Spur Renewable Energy Growth

Lean Manufacturing and Wood Supply Chain Optimization

The Cost of Market Power: When is Too Much Market Power Detrimental to a Market’s Global Competitiveness?

Data and Forecast Models: Saving Lives and Money

US South Stumpage Market Trends: YTD 2015 Results and Historic Data

Despite Expiration of the SLA, Lumber Prices and Housing Starts Increase

Cost Reductions: The New Motto of all Brazilian Wood Consumers

Forest Industry Performance: September 2015

Wood Fiber Supply Chain Characteristics Part 1: The Dollar’s in the Details

Celebrate American Jobs During National Forest Products Week

National Bioenergy Day Highlights Growth, Interest in Industry

KiOR Assets Recycled

G20 Meeting Seeks to Remove Obstacles Undermining Global Renewable Energy Growth

NARA & Alaska Airlines Promoting Wood-Based Biofuels

New International Investment Opportunities in Brazil's Forest Sector

US Pellet Producer Receives First Sustainable Biomass Certification

The Lingering Economic Effects of the 2015 PNW Wildfire Season

Southern Pine Lumber Price Report: September 2015

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: August 2015

Housing Starts Cool off in August

Diverse Uses of Woody Biomass in Europe and U.S.

Brazil's Economic Recession: Impacts on and Solutions for the Forest Products Industry

Proposed Safe Trucking Act Long Overdue

PNW Wildfire Fight Deserves Fresh Legislation Focused on Forest Management

Despite Lower Demand, Pulpwood Prices Remain High in the Northeast

Finnish Company Brings First Commercial-Scale, Wood-Based Fuel Oil to Market

Pacific Northwest Mill Closures: Industry Adapts to Survive

Common Trends: Forest Ownership in Finland and the United States

Housing Starts Data: July 2015

US South Roundwood Price Update: 8-Year Snapshot

Softwood Lumber Agreement set to Expire: What’s next for N.A. Lumber?

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: July 2015

Why Lumber Prices Are Falling--Summer 2015

Bipartisan Effort Urges EPA to Stop Penalizing Sustainable Forest Management

EPA’s Clean Power Plan Creates More Questions for Renewables

Two Things the Dogwood Alliance Doesn’t Want You to Know about Its Wood Pellet Study

USDA Backs Biobased Products Sector with $250 Million Loan Guarantees

Finnish Forestry Expansion: Increased Demand Affects Supply and Price

US South Stumpage Price Trends by Region: May/June 2015

2015 Fire Season: A Perfect Pacific Northwest Log Market Storm?

North American Pulp Index Trending Lower

Will Changes in UK Renewable Energy Incentives Affect Pellet Demand?

Mid-Year Housing Report: Starts, Data, and Trends

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: June 2015

The Carbon Neutrality of Forest Biomass

Progress Report: EU on Track to Meet 2020 Renewable Energy Targets

Lake States Inventory Level Issues and their Causes

The Impending Wood Fiber Supply Shortage in Mato Grosso do Sul

Super-Cycle Falters as Northwest Log Prices Soften in 1H2015

The Millennial Generation: Part II–Perspective, Preferences & Housing

USDA Report: Biobased Products Boost Economy, Incentives Foster Growth

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: May 2015

Resilient Federal Forests Act Highlights Proper Forest Management

Housing Starts Data: May 2015

EPA Releases Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes

Timber Price Volatility: the Enemy of Budgeting

EU Renewable Energy Scorecard Details Mixed Results

Senate Revives Interest in Renewable Electricity Standard

US South Timber Prices: March/April 2015

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: April 2015

Better Late Than Never: Housing Comes Alive

The Millennial Generation: Part 1—Trends and Lessons

Lumber Markets - April/May 2015

US South Wood Fuel Price Trends and Predictions

Enviva IPO Exemplifies Long-Term Wood Pellet Demand and Growth

Finnish Collaboration Pioneering Commercial-Scale Production of Advanced Biofuels

Brazil’s Forest Products Industry Performance for 1Q2015

Housing Market Performance Update: Spring 2015

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: March 2015

NASF Publishes Best Management Practice Compliance Rates

iTimber: Apple Partners with The Conservation Fund to Manage Working Forests

Forests and the Forest Products Industry Are Sustainable in Western Tidewater

Q1 2015 Recap: Global Wood Pellet Demand Creates US Opportunities

2 (Potentially) Game-Changing RFS Developments for Advanced Biofuels

5 Questions about New Biomass Sustainability Guidelines for the EU

Pacific Northwest Log Markets: Winter 2014-2015

2014-2015 Winter Review for the Lake States Timber Market

Wood Supply Chronicles, Part 2: The Unintended Consequences of Timberland Divestments

EPA to Announce 2014-2016 Renewable Fuel Standard in Spring 2015

How to Avoid Panic Buying: Woodyard Inventory vs. Spot

Application of RFS: Boon or Bane for Emergent Biofuels Sectors?

Solving the High(er) Wood Fiber Cost Problem

Adapt to Survive: Optimizing the Wood Supply Chain

Want to Know If Your Wood Costs Are Too High? Find a Peer Group

Extract Value from your Wood Supply Chain with Data

Use Cost Curves to Lower Wood Costs

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: January/February 2015

Stumpage Market Trends in the US South: Timber Prices

Stumpage Market Trends in the US South: Harvest Type and Tons per Acre

Stumpage Market Trends in the US South: Sale and Buyer Types

Stumpage Market Trends in the US South: Sale and Harvest Data

Southern Pine Lumber Price: January 2015

When Oil Hits $50 per Barrel, Shouldn’t Delivered Wood Fiber Prices Fall?

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: November/December 2014

Wood Fiber Supply Chronicles, Part 1: Divestment, Depression and Demand Create Bio-mess

2014 Southern Pine Composite Lumber Prices

10 Predictions for Wood Consuming Industries in 2015

Forest Industry Performance November 2014

Timber Supply and Demand Trends Confirmed by New FIA Data

SYP KD Timbers Market: 2011-June 2014

Forestry-Related Industry Performance: October 2014

Timber Prices: Know the Value of your Timber Prior to Timber Harvest

Why Fuel Escalators Harm Wood Supply Agreements

Timber Inventory Basics: The First Step in a Timber Harvest

Breaking Out Cost Components in Wood Supply Agreements

Four Attributes of Wood Supply Agreements

The Value of Hiring a Consulting Forester Prior to a Timber Harvest

How Much Wood Supply Do I Need Under Agreement?

Selling Timber? 4 Tips for Finding a Qualified Logger

Wood Supply Sources in the US South

Forestry Related Industry Performance - September 2014

Wisconsin Forestry Practices Study

Understanding Wood Supply

Southern Pine Lumber Exports to China Expand

Domtar's PAPERbecause Campaign Event Wins Award

Supply Chain Dynamics Affect Wood Feedstock Availability

Wood Supply Shortage May Occur in Mato Grosso do Sul

Forestry Related Industry News - October 2014

Pulpwood and Wood Fuel Prices in the US South

4 Forest Carbon Accounting Insights Policy Makers Should Know

Pulpwood and Wood Fuel Prices in the US South

3 Things to Consider When Siting A Biofuels Facility

Forestry Related Industry Performance - August 2014

Improve Wood Procurement Strategy

How Harvested Trees Are Used

Measuring Forest Sustainability

Deforestation Myths Debunked by Facts

With “Friends” Like These…

Competition and Capacity to Pay

Renewable Fuel Standard Alternative Recordkeeping Options

Tracking Renewable Fuels through Renewable Identification Numbers

Supreme Court Issues Opinion on Tailoring Rule

Forest2Market do Brasil’s July Benchmark Shows Expected Timber Price Decline after Heavy Rains Drive June Prices Higher

Forest2Market do Brasil’s Benchmark Shows Timber Price Decline

Forestry Related Industry Performance - July 2014

Forestry Related Industry News - August 2014

KiOR Fails to Mind the Gap

How Forest Inventory Relates to Wood Supply

Unintended Consequences: How the Renewable Fuel Standards Limit Potential Wood Supply

How the Renewable Fuel Standards Limit Potential Wood Supply

Are the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards on their way?

Biofuels Policy Primer

What Crowd Wisdom Means for Data

New U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change Report: How NOT to Use Data to Make Policy

Pellet Plants & Timberlands Changing Hands

Research into Wood Supply and Demand in Mato Grosso do Sul by Forest2Market do Brasil

“Clash of the Titans” Article Featured in Forestry Source, September 2011

Forestry Related Industry News - July 2014

Forestry Related Industry Performance - June 2014

Regional Differences in Clean Wood Chip Production

Forest2Market Stumpage 4Cast Performance

The Effects of Supply and Production Disruptions Caused by recent Heavy Rains in Paraná and Santa Catarina States

The Beauty of Math

Converting Benchmark DBH Prices

Forestry Related Industry Performance - May 2014

4th Quarter 2013 to 1st Quarter 2014 Stumpage Prices

Lessons in Forecasting: Accounting for Weather

Housing Market Trends: 2008 to Present

A Complete Look at Logger Expenses

Closing the Gap between Stumpage and Delivered Prices

Requiring $/Ton Bids for Timber Sales

Timber Price Movements in the South for the March/April 60-day Period

Pulpwood Trends in the Northern United States

Wood Fuel Prices in US South - 1Q2014

How to Assess--and When to Sell--Damaged Timber

Timberland Ownership as a Long-term Financial Asset

Contracts for Difference Competition Structure Announced

Forestry Related Industry News - May, 2014

Forestry Related Industry Performance - April 2014

Housing Market Update – April 2014

Post-Recession Disparity between Coastal and Piedmont Stumpage Prices

Housing Market Update – March 2014

Softwood Lumber Board Issues 2013 Annual Report

Is Investment in Western Pulp and Paper Mills an Up-and-Coming Trend?

Surging Western Log Prices Have Peaked for Now

Forestry Related Industry Performance - March 2014

Waste Recovery Contract Provisions for Revenue Sharing

N.A. Pulp Index Rises Above the 5-Year Average

Forestry Related Industry Performance - February 2014

Southwide Timber Prices - January/February 2014

New Study Demonstrates Wood Pellets’ Potential Greenhouse Gas Benefits

Recovered Paper and Packaging Market Data

Torrefaction Project Updates

Indexing Options for Recycling Contracts

Economic Benefits to Fossil Carbon Far Outweigh Those for Renewables

The Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Market: By the Numbers

Klausner Lumber Mills: Progress Update

Containerboard Mill Activity: 2012-2013

Forestry Related Industry Performance - January 2014

Quality of OCC generated by large retailers demands a premium

Three Causes of Volatility in Old Corrugated Container Prices

Recycling Programs at Large Retailers Contribute to the Bottom Line

Fuel Escalators: More Harm than Good in Supply Agreements?

Generating Old Corrugated Boxes and Revenue: Large Retailers Capitalize on Non-Core Activities

2014 Farm Bill: Forestry and Energy Provisions

Key Suppliers of Biomass

Four Supply Agreement Considerations

How Much of a Manufacturing Facility’s Wood Supply Should Be under Supply Agreement?

Wood Raw Material Prices for Saw and Ply Mills—2009 through 2013

Wood Raw Material Prices for Pulp/Paper/OSB/Pellet Mills 2009 - 2013

Northeast Mills Face Challenges

U.S. Endowment for Forest Products Industry & Communities 

Three Things to Evaluate in a Biomass Feedstock Price Index

The Implications of Forest Ownership for Wood Buyers

Forestry-Related Industry Performance--December 2013

Who Owns the Forest

4 Things Private Equity Investors Don’t Want to Hear

The Importance of Wood Fuel in Addition to Feedstock

Resistance to Wood as Fuel: Public Relations Strategies

Demand for Pulpwood: Historical and Future

Forest Products Industries Poised for Promotion

Housing Market Update – November 2013

Forestry-Related Industry Performance—November 2013

Right Place, Right Size: Finding a Wood Basin’s Tipping Point

Choosing the Location of your Wood Pellet Manufacturing Facility

Forest Inventory Utilization

The Causes and Course of Lumber Price Changes at Year End

Five Causes of Stumpage Price Variation

The Role of Wood Products in Forest Carbon Accounting

Ensure Sustainability with a Timber Sale Contract

Sponsor Group Forest Certification in your Procurement Zone

Demonstrate Wood Raw Materials are Sourced from Sustainable Forests

Housing Market & Lumber Price Update - October/November 2013

GSA Gives Green Globes the Green Light

US Legislation Verifies UK Biomass Sustainability Standard Compliance

St. Joe Deal Nets $1,475 per Acre in Northwest Florida Timberland Sale

Southwide Timber Prices – September/October 2013

Forestry-Related Industry Performance—October 2013

Biomass Sustainability Verification

Effects of CfD and UK Market Reforms on US Wood Pellet Market

UK Biomass Sustainability Standards

Pulp Prices Moving Higher in 4Q2013

Forestry-Related Industry News - October 2013

Housing Market Update – September 2013

Delivered Price Benchmark Introduced to the Northeast

Quick Action-Support Forest Roads Provision in Farm Bill

20/15 Project Advances South Carolina Forestry Industry

Forest Carbon Accounting and Sustainability: Implications for European Imports of North American Wood Biomass

Wood Bioenergy Project Updates

Forest Guild Biomass Harvest Guidelines for the PNW

Biomass Carbon Accounting and Harvests

Renewable Fuel Standards Debate

Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Sale of Hofmann Forest

Chip & Pulpwood Price Trends in the PNW & US South

Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act Passed in House; Further Progress Unlikely

Paper Check-Off Program Voting Period Set

The Softwood Lumber Check-off Program

Housing Market Update – August 2013

Forestry-Related Industry Performance--August 2013

The Changing Landscape in the Lake States

What Lies Ahead for the U.S. Forest Industry

Enova buys wood pellet mill, signs supply agreement with Plum Creek

ATFS and SFI Form Partnerships to Promote Certification, SFI Awards Grant to Protect Watersheds

News From The Mills

Lumber Prices - Southern Yellow Pine

Forest2Market Staff to Present at Various Industry Events

Are Wood Skyscrapers the Solution to Our Climate and Housing Crises?

Forest2Market Adds National Benchmark & Five-Year Forecasts to Forest2Mill Product Line

The Economic Contribution of Timberland - Forest Products Manufacturing

Pulpwood and Wood Fuel Prices US South

Forestry-Related Industry Performance—July 2013

Wood Bioenergy Project Updates

EPA to Rule on Biogenic Green House Gas Emissions

EPA Issues Final 2013 Renewable Fuel Standards as Cellulosic Biofuel Production Gets Underway

Lake States 2Q2013 Wood Fiber Price and Inventory Trends

2013 Pulp Prices

The Real Threat to Forest Sustainability in the US South

Is the Housing Recovery Sustainable?

Forestry-Related Industry Performance—June 2013

US South Timber Prices 2013

Get to Know Forest2Fuel

Export Wood Pellet Facilities’ Raw Material Delivered Cost Trends

Green Circle Bio Energy to Expand in Mississippi

ecoFUELS Pellet Storage Offering for Capacity

Bureau of Land Management Ordered to Sell More Timber, But Will It Actually Have to?

Forest Service Faces Ongoing Challenges, Opportunities

Economic Contribution of Forests

Housing Market Update – May 2013

Douglas Fir Log Prices

Forestry-Related Industry Performance—May 2013

Forest Policy Update

Failing to LEED the Way Towards Sustainable Forestry

New Report Shows Americans Object to Forced Transition to a Paperless Society

Oppose the Merkley Amendment to the Senate Immigration Bill

2013 Farm Bill Passed by Senate, Awaits House Vote

Southern Pine Lumber Market Insights: June 2013

State and Federal Legislation Targets Renewable Fuel Standards

Wood Bioenergy Project News

Pulp Prices: Have We Hit the 2013 High?

1Q2013 Biomass Prices Remain Steady Throughout Lake States

Housing Market Update – April 2013

Forestry-Related Industry Performance -- April 2013

Green Circle Bio Energy Looks to Build Second Wood Pellet Facility

Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement Breaks Down

Biomass Power Announcements - May 2013

Southern Pine Market Takes a Breather

Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act Introduced

Interfor Establishes Presence in Southern Yellow Pine Lumber Market

Energy Programs Remain in the 2013 Farm Bill

Smoke and Mirrors: Wood Biomass and the Environment

Rentech Switches from Biofuels to Pellets

May Forestry Event and Public Comment Period - Lake States

1Q2013 Pulpwood Prices Remain Steady Throughout Lake States

OCC Prices: 1Q2013 Results and Trends Likely to Affect 2Q2013 Results

Legislators Ramp Up Efforts to Address the Health of the Nation’s Forests

PNW Harvest Rates Increase in 1Q2013 on Housing Recovery and High Log Prices

Forestry-Related Industry Performance – March 2013

Louisiana Wood Pellet Plant Announced

Lawsuits Filed in Response to Northern Spotted Owls’ Critical Habitat Designation

Pellet Manufacturers Face Increasing Competition from OSB Mills

Pellet and Port Project News

Biofuel Project News: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Pattern Continues

April Forestry Events and Public Comment Periods

Lunacy Is to Think that Natural Systems Cannot Solve Humankind’s Problems

Is Now the Time to Rethink the Renewable Fuel Standard?

Bioenergy Project News - April 2013

President Obama Taps Ernest Moniz as New Secretary of Energy

Housing Market Update – February 2013

Paper and Electronic Communications – Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement Survives Greenpeace Misinformation Campaign

State Forestry News

Forestry-Related Industry Performance – February 2013

Southern Pine Lumber Prices - A Perfect Storm?

Supreme Court: Stormwater Discharge Permits Are Not Required for Forest Roads

Forest Products Fairness Act Proposed

Sale of Hofmann Forest Counterproductive

Online Seminar Answers Lumber Values Questions

Southern Yellow Pine Composite Lumber Price - January 2013

What States Can Teach the Federal Government about Forest Management

Pulp Prices Remain Below 5-Year Trend

Housing Market Update - January 2013

Forestry-Related Industry Performance – January 2013

Paper Check-Off Proposed

New Southern Pine Design Values Approved

US South Wood Fuel Prices - 4Q2012

Clarification Sought for Extended Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Announces Resignation

Drax Announces Two New Pellet Facilities in the US South to Support its Conversion to Biomass Power

2012 Renewable Fuel Standards Struck Down; 2013 Standards Proposed

Housing Market Update – March 2013

Northern Spotted Owls’ Critical Habitat Designation Update

Southern Yellow Pine Composite Lumber Prices - December 2012

Housing Market Update - December 2012

US Forest Resources - Trends and Projections

Forestry-Related Industry Performance--December 2012

The Forest Roads Legal Quagmire Is Now Here

Housing Market Update - November 2012

Forestry-Related Industry Performance–November 2012

Alabama’s Logging Notice Act

Southern Yellow Pine Composite Lumber Price – November 2012

New Southern Pine Design Values Set For Review in January 2013

New EPA Rule Complicates Ability of Supreme Court to Address Forest Road Regulations

Wood Fuel Prices in US South Continue to Fall

The Role of the Military in Biofuels Development

The Future for Wood Biomass Power Generation

EPA Denial of Waiver a Positive Sign for Wood-Based Biofuels Development

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Forest Sustainability in the US

Winter Logging Season Approaches in the Midwest

Timber Prices in the US South - 2010-2013

Housing Market Update – October 2012

Housing Market Improves – Inventory Drying Up

Forestry-Related Industry Performance–October 2012

Southern Yellow Pine Composite Lumber Price: October 2012

US South Timber Prices: SeptemberOctober 2012

Hearn Discusses Sustainability at USIPA Exporting Pellets Conference

New Southern Pine Design Values Unlikely to Take Effect until July 2013

Southern Yellow Pine Composite Lumber Price: September 2012

Housing Market Update - September 2012

Forestry-Related Industry Performance–September 2012

Housing Starts Surge 15% in September

US Industrial Wood Pellet Industry Announcements