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Forest2Market Adds National Benchmark & Five-Year Forecasts to Forest2Mill Product Line

August 28, 2013
Author: LeAndra Spicer
August was a busy month for Forest2Market. We added five new products to our Forest2Mill service suite designed for buyers and sellers of logs and wood raw materials: a national benchmark, a 5-year delivered price forecast for the Pacific Northwest and three, 5-year stumpage price forecasts for the US South.

National Benchmark

The National Benchmark provides an analysis of market trends and price data that forest products industry participants need to remain competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. An extension of the delivered price benchmarks Forest2Market offers in the US South, Pacific Northwest and Lake States, the National Benchmark analyzes the differences in wood raw material costs – pulpwood, chips and sawtimber – across these three regions. Read the National Benchmark press release to learn more.

5-Year Delivered Price Forecast: Pacific Northwest

A 5-year forecast developed for forest industry participants in the Pacific Northwest provides an analytical view of the marketplace in an age when strategic tasks like budgeting require a number of volatile factors be taken into account. The Pacific Northwest 5-year delivered price forecast analyzes the macroeconomic drivers that influence Westside and inland log prices and chip prices. In addition, the report includes a historical price analysis and a look at how seasonality affects delivered prices. Read the Pacific Northwest  5-year forecast press release to learn more.

5-Year Stumpage Price Forecasts: US South

The economic downturn and sputtering housing market recovery of the past five years have skewed the current standing timber inventory away from the normal trend line. Three new forecasts –one for pine sawtimber and chip-n-saw, one for pine pulpwood and one for hardwood pulpwood – are available to help customers make better-informed strategic decisions in light of these changes.

Each report forecasts the economic factors that influence price and includes a review of historical demand and prices, timber supply analysis, demand outlook and price seasonality and volatility. The 5-year forecasts expand upon the 24-month forecasts Forest2Market has offered since 2005. Read the US South  5-year forecast press release to learn more.

Forest2Market is pleased to offer these new products to our customers.

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