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Forest2Market Launches New Interactive Stumpage Price Tool

February 19, 2019
Author: Forest2Market

Since rolling out the cutting-edge SilvaStat360 platform last year, Forest2Market continues to develop innovative solutions for the entire forest value chain. SilvaStat360 is the only flexible, customizable digital environment that provides Forest2Market customers with the on-demand data that provides a granular view of supply chain performance and helps to reduce supply chain costs.  

As we continue to add new features and functionality to the platform that are uniquely beneficial for participants in the forest products industry, we have rolled out the 2nd generation interface of our popular stumpage product for the US South. This product launch follows other web-based products that we’ve introduced over the last several months, including the Economic Analysis tool, the Precipitation tool and the Timber Supply Analysis 360 forest inventory interface.

The new Stumpage 360 tool provides a full-spectrum view of nearly $6 billion dollars of historical, actual timber transactions in the South by providing access to individual stumpage price criteria. Users are able to sort and filter down to the county level, and they can further filter by date, product, acres, buyer/seller types, harvest types and other important criteria. The data is updated daily or as it becomes available, and allows users to interact with the data that is most important to them to get an accurate and granular view of pricing trends over time.

The product’s dashboard view provides interactive charts and tables that help users visualize geographies and the data that correspond to them, including historical data on product groups and individual products that can be sorted by price-per-ton or DBH. All of this data can then be viewed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.



Users can select a micromarket, state or county to view, then drill down to analyze specific product performance over time. The charts are also interactive so users can easily add/remove products from the display area and then sort and export the data based on their own individual needs.



The Sales Analysis and Sales Details views allow users to further drill down into the data and analyze timber sales based on price-per-ton, average DBH, individual sales and tons.




All of this data can be analyzed in methods that are most beneficial to each individual or company, and users can save search filters, download customized images or print charts right from their screens. The new Stumpage 360 tool represents the continued evolution of the only transaction-based timber sale database for the US South forest value chain. When used in conjunction with the other analytics available on SilvaStat360, Stumpage 360 adds new levels of functionality and performance to the digital platform, which is the only tool that allows you to access all of this data in a single place.


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