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Forest2Market Product Spotlight: Economic Analysis Tool

January 14, 2019
Author: Forest2Market

Since rolling out the cutting-edge SilvaStat360 platform last year, Forest2Market continues to develop innovative solutions for the entire forest value chain. SilvaStat360 is the only flexible, customizable digital environment that provides Forest2Market customers with the on-demand data that is most important to them.

As we continue to add new features and functionality to the platform that are uniquely beneficial for participants in the forest products industry, our latest addition is the Economic Analysis tab that provides a full-spectrum view of the many economic indicators that affect the global wood fiber supply chain. The data is updated daily or as it becomes available, and allows users to interact with the numbers and filter by each economic indicator to get an accurate and granular view of performance and trends over time.

The product’s dashboard view provides an overview of five individual metrics: financial, economic, exchange rates, housing and energy. Users are able to filter and analyze data, download images and charts, and much more within each category. For example, within the Exchange Rates category, users can filter by over a dozen global currencies to measure performance against the US dollar on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis going back over 45 years.

 EA_1 EA_2


Users can also analyze energy and US housing starts data and filter by over 16 metrics that apply to this market segment, including Case-Schiller Indices, Forest2Market’s lumber index pricing, Census Bureau data and historical mortgage rates.




The Custom Economic Analysis View provides the ability to compare up to five indicators on a chart with either one or two axes and provides access to global economic indicators from the EU, Latin America and Australasia.



All of this data can be analyzed in a virtually limitless number of ways using the Economic Analysis tab, and users can save search filters, download customized images or print charts right from their screens. When used in conjunction with the other analytics available on SilvaStat360, the new Economic Analysis tab adds even more helpful functionality to the platform, which is the only tool that allows you to access all of this data in a single place.


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