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We provide detailed transactional data, cost benchmarks and in-depth analytics for participants in the wood raw materials supply chain.
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From biomass suppliers in the Baltics to pulp producers in Brazil and TIMOs in the United States, Forest2Market provides products and services for suppliers, producers and other stakeholders in the global forest products industry.

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Forest Products Industry Analytics

Maintaining the most current, robust and relevant analytical tools

Forest2Market maintains the most current, robust and relevant set of analytical tools available to help members of the forest products industry better compete in today’s global business environment. We leverage a series of customizable tools that combine the power of our transaction data, official data from government agencies and the strength of our supply chain expertise - nearly 400 years of combined experience.

Data-Based Solutions from the
Forest to the Market

Streamlined analytics for a complex supply chain

Forecasting Products

While historical market data and recent market activity help to make today’s business decisions, these methods have limits. It’s tough to drive forward while looking in the rear-view mirror. An even larger issue is that national and global economic factors increasingly shape local markets. Forest2Market’s forecasting products connect those national and global factors to your local market to provide you with the insights needed to make tomorrow’s business decisions.

High-Quality Data

Our forecasts are powered by the highest quality market data available, which is derived from the details of over 40 million actual transactions per year. This means there is a direct benchmark value in our forecasts rather than a relative index of market dynamics.

Large Datasets

Large sets of very granular data allow the forecaster to find strong correlations, thereby reducing forecast deviation. The data we collect and the methods we employ to store it ensure forecasts with small deviations.

Unmatched Experience

Different markets have different characteristics that make them unique. Forest2Market breadth of experience and intimate knowledge of regional timber markets allows for real-world insights into the factors that drive individual market performance.

Analytics for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Forest2Market provides a combination of transaction-based timber pricing data and supply chain expertise to those operating in the pulp, paper and packaging supply chain. Companies in these industries rely on our data, analytics, expertise and insights to understand their own competitive positions and the broader market.

Benchmarking Drives Success

Make better informed business decisions—from the tactical level to the strategic—with Forest2Market’s Delivered Price Benchmark Service.

Market Insights

Track price changes, analyze trends in a dynamic market and identify performance improvement opportunities.

Improve Efficiency

Negotiate raw material and residual price changes with actual market-based transaction data, and gain efficiency in raw material acquisition.

Lean Manufacturing & Wood Supply Chain

Organizations that leverage the principles of lean manufacturing while optimizing their supply chains are inherently advantaged within the market. These organizations remain agile and are able to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics because they are constantly setting goals, analyzing performance and measuring results.

Streamline Improvements

Forest2Market’s Supply Chain Optimization Program is a streamlined way for companies using wood raw materials to implement a process of improvement—one that is customizable to each business and uniquely designed for the forest products industry.

Data-Backed Tools

With superior data and a precise set of tools, identifying problem areas and opportunities for improvement within the supply chain becomes a manageable and measurable task.

Measuring for Success

The supply chain optimization process provides the framework for implementing a set of solutions for problem areas—strategies for sifting out systemic noise--including developing the evaluation criteria for measuring the success.

Forest Products Industry Strategic Consulting

Forest2Market provides custom, confidential market research and consultancy services to clients in the international forest product supply chain. From advice concerning a proposed investment project to the development of a business strategy or detailed research on a particular aspect of a forest products market, Forest2Market regularly performs due diligence assignments on behalf of stakeholders in the global forest supply chain.

Market Edge

Forest2Market uses its proprietary data, its many years of supply chain expertise and its in-depth knowledge of global wood-consuming industries in order to assist clients with a range of capital allocation decisions, including mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, as well as new project initiation and financing.

Global Coverage

Our client list includes leading solid wood and pulp and paper manufacturers, energy suppliers and producers, forest owners, financial institutions, industry and trade organizations and national, state and provincial governments and agencies around the world.

Neutral Expertise

Forest2Market is an independent third-party source of assessments and advice. We do not buy, sell, grow, manufacture or manage timber resources, lumber or panels, pulp or paper, energy or carbon.  As a result, our advice is objective and free from conflicts of interest.

The Beck Group’s Sawmill TQ Benchmarking Service

Sawmill TQ provides fingertip access to historic and current sawmill benchmark data that represents a large portion of the southern sawmilling industry, is updated quarterly and available on a 24/7/365 basis and allows mill managers focus on the key factors leading to their mill achieving Top Quartile financial performance.

Interactive Business Intelligence

Built on the SilvaStat360 cloud-based interactive platform, Sawmill TQ is a user-friendly and timely, data-rich digital environment that is designed specifically to meet the needs of sawmill managers and owners.

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

Sawmill benchmarking allows mill managers to objectively identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

More Insight in Less Time

Benchmark participants used to spend valuable work hours manually inputting data and organizing their information. However, Sawmill TQ is changing the entire benchmark landscape by simplifying the process; a straight data dump from your current system into a transferable file is all that is required.


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