Madison's Lumber Reporter

Since 1952, Madison's has been publishing quality news and price information about North American softwood lumber products, building a reputation as an independent source of market news.

Madison's Lumber Reporter

Madison's Lumber Reporter started as a weekly newsletter detailing current US and Canadian softwood lumber and panel prices.

In July 2018, Madison's Lumber Reporter is moving to Forest2Market's online interactive business intelligence platform, SilvaStat360. The improvements made during this transition include: 

  • All prices are available on a single screen.
  • A single click takes subscribers to a Product Detail page with two years of price history and the ability to look at pricing in comparison to economic indicators (housing starts, GDP, etc.)
  • Toggle between prices and commentary (commentary and data are matched at every point).
  • The Price Sheet can be filtered, searched and sorted.
  • Filters can be saved for quick and easy drill-downs to the exact products you need to make decisions, and these views can be printed and downloaded.
  • Comparisons of current week's prices to previous time periods, including one- and two-year rolling averages, are provided.
  • Custom Analysis—comparisons of historical prices for multiple products over a ten-year history—can be performed as needed.
  • The current week's commentary is provided in an easy-to-read narrative format, organized by topic. Commentary can be filtered by product or species.
  • Commentary is archived for twelve weeks, organized by topic. Archived commentary can be filtered by product or species.