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Forest2Market Introduces Pacific Northwest 5-Year Delivered Price Forecast

August 27, 2013
Author: Suz-Anne Kinney

Forest2Market is pleased to offer a 5-year delivered price forecast for forest industry participants with operations in the Pacific Northwest. The forecast is the latest addition to the Forest2Mill product suite for buyers and sellers of logs and wood raw materials.


Forest2Market founder, President and CEO Pete Stewart explained the new product is a direct result of customers’ requests for data that would help them develop accurate budgets and make other strategic decisions. “The five-year forecast was developed per the request of customers who have used Forest2Market’s delivered price benchmark service to guide their operational decisions. Those customers told us they needed a long-term look into future delivered prices to improve the strategic decisions that they must make for their businesses.”

The 5-year delivered price forecast provides an analysis of the macroeconomic drivers that are expected to influence Westside and inland log and chip prices through 2018. In addition, the report includes a historical price analysis and a look at how seasonality affects delivered prices.

Gordon Culbertson, Pacific Northwest Regional Manager, noted the forecast will help customers account for regional nuances. “The Pacific Northwest market is subject to traditional economic influences such as the strength of homebuilding, interest rates and the flow of the national economy.  Recently, our business has been heavily influenced by the Asian economy and their increased appetite for North American forest products.  The 5-year forecast offers a distinct view of the marketplace in an age when budgeting is a complex task that requires a number of volatile factors be taken into account.”

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