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Forest2Market Rebrands to Highlight International Expansion

Posted by Suz-Anne Kinney on April 15, 2016 at 6:00 AM

Forest2Market, Inc., a global provider of data solutions for the forest products industry, today announced a corporate rebranding initiative. This rebranding includes a revision of Forest2Market’s visual identity to more directly reflect the company’s expansion internationally.

Forest2Market began operating in the southern United States in 2000. The company’s current markets and expansion plans include the following timber-rich regions of the world:

  • North America (Southern United States, Western United States and Canada, the Great Lakes Region of the United States and Canada, and Eastern United States and Canada)
  • Latin America: Brazil, Uruguay (2016) and Chile (2017)
  • Europe: Scandinavia and the Baltic States (2016)
  • Russia (2016)
  • Australasia (2017)

Because of the company’s unique combination of transaction-based market data and supply chain expertise, Forest2Market has customers throughout the world who invest in, or plan to invest in, forest or forest products manufacturing assets in these regions.

This global expansion will open the door to additional product and service offerings. Forest2Market will supplement its region-specific benchmarks with a series of international benchmarks that allow all exporters to a specific region understand their global cost competitiveness.  This will allow customers to maximize revenues when pricing their products for that particular market.

“The rebranding reflects Forest2Market’s evolution from a company that focused specifically on timberland owners and wood-consuming manufacturers in US markets to one that serves forest and other bio-based products companies worldwide. The new logo - the iconic representation of a tree and the globe - reflects our evolution as a company and our direction for the future,” said Suz-Anne Kinney, Director of Marketing and Communications at Forest2Market.

“The new branding represents our expansion at the same time it communicates to both current and potential customers that we will continue to provide the solid data-driven products and services that our growth is built on,” said Peter  J. Stewart, Forest2Market’s founder, President and CEO. “While the logo and tagline have changed to better represent what the company is today, Forest2Market’s value proposition remains the same. We believe high-quality market information improves business performance, and we are dedicated to providing that quality on a consistent basis.  Since 2000, our unique combination of transaction-based market data and supply chain expertise have supported our customers as they make high-value strategic and operational decisions. We will continue to make the success of our customers a priority as we continue to grow.”

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