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Forest2Market to Introduce New Technology-Enabled Business Intelligence Platform

Posted by Forest2Market on September 20, 2017 at 1:59 PM

Forest2Market will soon roll out its new technology-enabled business intelligence platform for customer use. The platform, SilvaStat360, provides access to more comprehensive, client-driven custom data and analytics that will allow Forest2Market’s customers to make important business decisions faster.

SilvaStat360 is a flexible, customizable digital environment that provides customers with the on-demand data that is most important to them. It will also be the platform by which Forest2Market delivers all of its products going forward. 

The new business intelligence platform will include all of the best features, security and confidentiality of Forest2Market’s legacy reports, plus more robust analytics for today’s global business environment.

Highlights of SilvaStat360 include: 

  • On-demand access to data—Log in to the web-based platform to access data 24/7/365.
  • Access to historical data—View and download historical trend/time series pricing data.
  • Presentation-ready graphics—Data and graphics are presentation ready for managers, executives and investors; easy to download for use in budgets, strategic plans and presentations.
  • Download to Microsoft® Excel®—Multiple download options (monthly, quarterly and yearly) provide the ability to perform additional analysis.
  • Global insight—Combined regional datasets allow for international indexing and global benchmarks so businesses can compare their performance to peers worldwide.
  • Unit, grade scale and currency conversions—Instantaneous conversions to other units, grade scales and currencies to enable strategic and tactical decision-making; useful for international reporting and purchasing and intranational differences in units and grade scales.
  • Convenient one-stop repository—Customers will no longer need to visit multiple websites to query and download all the datasets they require. SilvaStat360 is a single warehouse for all data needs, including pricing, macroeconomic, forest inventory, and precipitation data. 

“SilvaStat360 will include the same high-quality data that our customers have trusted and relied on over the years,” said Pete Stewart, Forest2Market’s President and CEO. “The technology will allow our customers to bring a massive amount of information into a single platform, which will make it easier for them to make better business decisions on a consistent basis.” 

The new platform will be available for customer use in October 2017. To learn more about the new platform, visit the SilvaStat360 home page.


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