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Contribute Data to Forest2Market Timber Price Database

Forest2Market Data Contributor Program

The Forest2Market Data Contributor Program is open to people or companies selling or bidding on more than 5 timber tracts per year; “no-sale” bids are not accepted.

Buyers agree to contribute 100 percent of their qualified bids; sellers agree to contribute 100 percent of their sold timber contract information.

Participants are compensated for the time and resources required to organize and submit data.

Forest2Market accepts the following sales (bids):

  • Winning bids
  • Non-winning bids
  • Lump-sum or pay-as-cut bids; negotiated or bid

Data Submission

  • Data submission is requested within seven days of the sale.
  • Send data by email or fax. Forest2Market form provided.
  • Timber Analysts are available to answer any questions regarding data submission.
  • Current contact information is required in the event Forest2Market needs to contact the submitting party with questions.


Learn more about our data contributor program, or call 980.233-4028.