Forecast for South Arkansas & North Louisiana Timber Market


The South Arkansas and North Louisiana timber market has traditionally been driven by sawlog production.  Before the 2008 recession, timberland investors could always rely on the region’s quality forests to produce sawtimber for a growing market. This is no longer the case. Over the past 10 years, demand for building products—and thus for pine sawtimber—has waned and so has sawlog price.

Investors in South Arkansas and North Louisiana forests have been waiting for a turnaround. Is it here? If not, when will it come? The answers to these questions about the timing of a full recovery dramatically affect investment decisions. 

Sawlog price increases are highly dependent on the balance of supply and demand. We all know demand is increasing marginally as more houses are being built, but what many investors don’t know is the extent of pent up sawlog inventory and how long it will take to work through the oversupply. The timing of an increase in demand that prompts a reduction in the oversupply of sawtimber will be the fulcrum that eventually affects price.

Overview of the Region's Timber Market: Historical and Current

Length: 25 pages                                                                                                                                Fee: $9,500

Forest2Market investigates historic fiber and log trends, current market dynamics and the overall health of the existing sawmill industry in the region. 

  • 10-year price trends of major timber products including pine pulpwood, chip-n-saw and sawtimber as well as hardwood pulpwood and sawtimber
  • Area-wide consumption growth over the past five years for pine pulpwood and pine sawtimber
  • Current and near-term supply and demand dynamics, including growth-to-drain (harvest) ratios
  • Commentary on the market and on the health of current sawmill capacity

Regional Market Assessment: Historical, Current and Forecast Trends

Length: 100 pages                                                                                                                           Fee: $27,500

For investors with a large current portfolio or contemplating the acquisition of a timberland portfolio, Forest2Market provides a 20-year forecast of supply, demand and pricing for timber products in the South Arkansas and North Louisiana market.  This includes a bank-quality report that can be used to justify new investment and/or satisfy lenders. This study includes a:

  • Full history of pricing and price trends
  • Area and market analysis of all mills (pulp, pellet, sawmill and plywood)
  • Full forest growth and yield modeling by product
  • A price forecast for pine pulpwood and sawtimber, including inventory levels and growth-to-drain ratios
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