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We provide detailed transactional data, cost benchmarks and in-depth analytics for participants in the wood raw materials supply chain.
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From biomass suppliers in the Baltics to pulp producers in Brazil and TIMOs in the United States, Forest2Market provides products and services for suppliers, producers and other stakeholders in the global forest products industry.

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Timber Prices

Delivered Wood Raw Material Benchmarks

Transaction-based market information allows for the identification of performance improvement opportunities

You might know the price at which you buy and sell timber, but how do you know whether that price is good or bad unless you know what the market is doing? Could you be making more? Paying less?

Forest2Market Delivered Price Benchmarks provide buyers and sellers of wood raw materials with the market intelligence they need to increase performance and profit margins. The sole source of transaction-based data available in the marketplace, sellers of wood raw materials use the Delivered Price Benchmark service to negotiate wood raw material and residual price, secure and stabilize supply and off-take agreements, compare pricing and performance to the market at large and much more.

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How Delivered Wood Price Benchmarks Can Improve Performance

In a manufacturing process where over 75% of the finished product cost can be attributed to raw material costs, constant attention to the details involved in procuring those raw materials is imperative.

For a modern wood products operation, this raw material cost comes in the form of harvested timber that has been transported to the mill facility. Since these deliveries keep the mill’s equipment busy—while representing an enormous investment—procurement and supply chain operations can make or break a facility’s profitability.

A beneficial performance management system is only possible when the yardstick being used is credible, auditable and objective. No one should agree to be measured by a yardstick based on anecdotes; anecdotes are not statistics. Forest2Market’s delivered wood price benchmarks can be used at the corporate, facility and management levels to accurately and objectively demonstrate performance.

Compare pricing to the market at large

All wood raw materials sold or purchased by subscribers—and for which sufficient data exists—are reported by species (softwood and hardwood) and product class (logs and fiber). Species and products are currently reported in the US South, Eastern North America, Western North America, and Brazil.

Track price changes and identify trends in a dynamic market

Improve market insights, better prepare for shifts in the market and determine intra-company transfer prices based on actual market data.

Negotiate raw material and residual price changes

Benchmarks can be used to determine specific pricing for preferred raw materials and gain efficiency in raw material sales or acquisitions.

Secure and stabilize supply agreements

Benchmarks built on actual transaction data help companies meet the growing demand for emerging technologies and improve vendor loyalty and relationships.

Our Delivered Wood Price Benchmark Dashboards

Real market prices reflecting true market experiences

Forest2Market's Delivered Wood Raw Material Price Benchmarks are the standard against which suppliers and consumers of wood raw materials around the world measure their performance.


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Global Pricing for Specific Species & Products

All wood raw materials sold or purchased by subscribers (and for which sufficient data exists) are reported by species and product class.
Species and products are currently reported in the US South, Eastern North America, Western North America, and Brazil.
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Articles & Insights

Forest2Market routinely publishes up-to-date market data and analysis covering delivered wood prices, benchmarks, supply chain concerns and much more.

If you can’t find the information you’re after in our article library, Forest2Market works closely with clients to build customized market studies and consulting engagements that answer specific business questions and address specific concerns.

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