Maximize Revenue with Forest2Market's Net Realization Improvement Program for Timberland Owners and Managers

Successful companies pursue continuous improvements that drive revenue growth. Our Net Realization program provides a framework for achieving these business goals.

The Tools: Data, Analytics, and Experience

How do we do this?

  1. We start with data. And lots of it. Over 30 million origin and destination transactions a year, in fact.

  2. We turn that data into actionable intelligence by developing analytics to uncover inefficiencies in the supply chain and their causes.

  3. Then, we use our supply chain experience—220 years in total—to assist in the development and implementation of strategies and tactics to remove inefficiencies and reduce costs.

  4. Finally, we provide the tools necessary to measure the results of supply chain adjustments that will improve performance for both the supplier and the consuming facility. 

Timber Price and Performance Benchmark      

Understand market position:

  • Identify opportunities for improving net realization per acre:
    • Are other sellers in the market getting a higher delivered price?
    • Which of my price components are out of line with market?
  • Set goals for improvement
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Market/Sales Volume Distribution by Price

Uncover opportunities for Improvement:
  • Identify price distribution vs. market
  • Analyze revenue and net realization
  • Increase supply chain efficiencies

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Market Price – Volume Curves & Sales Distribution

Uncover opportunities for improvement:

  • Market maker or a price taker?
  • Assess risk profile of wood fiber sales
  • Risk is lower when sales volume is spread evenly over the curve. 
  • Uneven distribution across the curve shows areas where money is being left on the table and identifies acheivable market price points for future sales.
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Decision Criteria Analysis – Favorability Maps

Develop & implement improvement strategies:
  • Custom favorability maps are based on custom decision criteria
  • Each criterion is analyzed separately and color coded according to favorability
  • Each criterion is weighted in order to uncover opportunities to increase net realization
  • The resulting favorability map shows areas with most opportunity to maximize revenue and net realization
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