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Diving into Prima CarbonZero: Analytics for Decarbonization

April 06, 2023
Author: Prima Markets

Prima Markets, a ResourceWise company, will soon launch its online analytics platform: Prima CarbonZero. Prima CarbonZero can help your business get a jumpstart on the increasingly critical move toward decarbonization.

In this post, we will explore the features and benefits of using this platform as you develop your business’s own zero carbon transition.

Is Your Business Ready for the Zero-Carbon Transition?

We all need to zero in on transitioning into renewables. And that call is getting even louder as companies begin to commit to much more than promises for a carbon-zero future ahead.

For instance, United Airlines, alongside firms like JP Morgan Chase, Air Canada, and Honeywell, have invested over $100 million in the Sustainable Flight Fund. This fund aims to kickstart serious investments in the development and production of sustainable aviation fuel.

Countless other companies large and small are already following suit. The call for transitioning to net-zero or 100% carbon-zero is no longer a far-cry, shallow pledge. It’s real, and it’s happening right now.

The question you need to ask yourself: is your business ready to get moving?

Businesses need to invest in developing and executing a plan that can successfully move toward zero emissions. This includes all elements of business – from day-to-day operations and equipment to transportation and supply chain partners.

Getting started or really getting moving on the carbon zero transition can seem daunting. Fortunately, Prima CarbonZero has the data that can help you get there.

Getting to Know Prima CarbonZero

Prima CarbonZero platform home screen with commentary, insights, and an overview of recent low carbon blog posts.

Prima CarbonZero delivers dynamic, comprehensive data driving our award-winning analytics which power the decarbonization of road, marine and aviation fuels worldwide.

  • Easy, Comprehensive Data: Access our datasets of biodiesel, renewable diesel and SAF plants including detail on feedstock optimization and process technology.
  • Fast Pricing Comparisons: Map global pricing relationships and dynamics across Prima’s best-in class matrix of low carbon fuel and feedstock prices.
  • Better Planning and Forecasting: Understand the changing international supply and demand balance in fuel decarbonization as carbon and ESG reporting cascade through the global economy.
  • More Efficient Strategizing: Map Prima’s data and mine its analytics to efficiently build out trading and investment strategies to drive your energy transition.
  • Customizable & Printable to Your Needs: Custom-fit your dashboard to provide the data that is relevant to your business. Easy PDF and CSV exporting/printing functions allow for convenience in how and where you present and discuss current market insights.

Platform Features at a Glance

Based on your subscription, Prima CarbonZero provides critical data in multiple areas.

Daily Low Carbon Markets

Prima CarbonZero platform Daily Low Carbons - Biofuels page with comments, a daily report table on pricing, spot pricing, and future pricing.

Daily reporting groups include biofuels, feedstocks, and tickets. A wide range of biofuel data – both current and historical – is available. Spot and future prices provide forecasts for improved short-term and long-term strategizing.

Weekly Analytics

Prima CarbonZero weekly analytics green diesel with comments, spot prices, and future prices.

Weekly analytics delivers pricing data in all the following areas:

  • Green Diesel Europe
  • International Ethanol
  • Green Diesel North America
  • Green Diesel South America
  • International Vegetable Oils

Additionally, the Prima Carbon Mitigator provides critical data to help transition to zero carbon emissions across your organizational pathway. Insights and reports from the Prima team give you the expertise you need to make decisions with confidence.

Market Analytics & Trade Data

Prima CarbonZero platform Global Trade Fundamentals with geographic summary and a global trade wheel showing country-to-country exports.

Market Analytics provide a wealth of knowledge, information, and intelligence on all vital areas in the low carbon market.

Options include North American Certificates, Global Biofuel Mandates, a Global Plants Database, and Global Trade Fundamentals. The global trade wheel allows you to track specific export data at a country-to-country level for laser-targeted data points across the global marketplace.

You can also search the catalog of articles, commentary, and other news and announcements within the CarbonZero platform.

Stop Waiting and Get Moving

The time is now to move forward on your own renewables strategy. From investing in new fuels and feedstocks to identifying opportunities for change, Prima CarbonZero can help.

This is not just about business, either. It is a collective movement toward changing our world and investing in sustainable practices. That is something we can all stand behind.

Are you interested in starting your own organizational route to decarbonize your business? Need help getting started? Download our White Paper, Mapping a Business Plan for Decarbonization: The Problem of Starting Now.

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Do you want to better understand the emerging and changing markets within low carbon fuel and feedstocks? Learn more about how Prima CarbonZero will help.

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