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Forest2Market and Fisher International Acquire Tecnon OrbiChem

April 15, 2020
Author: Forest2Market

The combined company will provide data and analytics to global forestry and petrochemicals markets.


Boston, London, Charlotte, N.C. (April 15, 2020) – Forest2Market and Fisher International, two  firms offering data, analytics and  business intelligence solutions to the forest products and pulp and paper industries, have acquired Tecnon OrbiChem, a UK firm offering data and analytics to the petrochemical industry and focusing primarily on chemical intermediates, synthetic fibers and resins.

Tecnon OrbiChem’s product line contains comprehensive, detailed and incisive analysis of key petrochemical market sectors. Its Chemical Business Focus is a service that includes expert commentary, current and historical pricing data, trade information and plant and project reviews for 18 groups of chemicals. These reports are compiled from a global perspective by teams of dedicated consultants in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The firm also offers Chem-Foresight, price forecasts for 59 chemicals, as well as supply and demand forecasts, both of which can be used to make strategic budgeting and planning decisions.

“This acquisition is integral to our long-term growth strategy,” said Peter J. Stewart, the founder and CEO of Forest2Market and CEO of Fisher International. “Our intention is to build a group of companies that offer data, analytics and business intelligence to the forest products, chemicals, metals and minerals verticals. The first phase began in August 2019, when Forest2Market and Fisher International were joined under one management team. The acquisition of Tecnon OrbiChem marks our progress in the chemicals space.”

Tecnon OrbiChem will continue operations as usual, and the team will remain in place. "I look forward to working with the Tecnon OrbiChem team. Though they focus on different industries, the group of companies have a shared belief in the importance of data quality and the value of business intelligence to drive exponentially better decision making and profitable growth,” said Stewart. Together, we will create powerful new products and services and provide unprecedented global data-driven insight to our customers.”

Dr. Charles Fryer, the previous owner and Chairman of Tecnon OrbiChem, will serve as a special advisor to Stewart, providing critical guidance to the new management team and to Tecnon OrbiChem staff and customers.

“Combining Tecnon OrbiChem’s expertise with that of Forest2Market and Fisher International marks a huge step forward in expanding our capabilities. Tecnon OrbiChem's 44 years’ experience in providing market information, analytics and consulting to the chemical industry will receive new impetus from the advanced business intelligence models of Forest2Market and Fisher International,” said Fryer. “The complementary skills of the three organizations will provide new platforms that will enable us to offer increased depth and a wider range of services to the chemical and related industries."

Forest2Market and Fisher are owned by Battery Ventures, a global, technology-focused investment firm. Details of the transaction have not been disclosed. “We will continue to work with Battery to grow the combined company, build out the value chain and offer the data and analytics that industry customers around the globe rely on to make complex business decisions,” said Stewart.



About Tecnon OrbiChem

Tecnon OrbiChem has been a leader in providing data and analysis to the petrochemical industry since 1976. Tecnon OrbiChem is one of the world's foremost marketing consultancies to the bulk chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics industries, specializing in chemical intermediates, synthetic fibers and resins. Tecnon OrbiChem provides independent, expert assistance on projects and strategic issues, offering a unique combination of up-to-date market information and in-depth analysis through monthly business reports and proprietary databases. To learn more, visit 

About Forest2Market, Inc. and Fisher International

Forest2Market provides pricing data, supply chain expertise and strategic consulting services to participants in the global wood and fiber supply chain. The firm’s unique databases contain more than 400 million rows of transaction data; they are the foundation for all analytics available in the firm's business intelligence platform, SilvaStat360. Fisher International supports the pulp and paper industry with business intelligence and strategy consulting services, as well as client resource studies and consulting engagements. Fisher’s comprehensive databases, analytical technologies and expert consultants are used by the paper industry around the world every day. To learn more, visit or

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