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ResourceWise Launches Prima CarbonZero: Low Carbon Analytics and Data

April 26, 2023
Author: Prima Markets

Prima Markets, a ResourceWise company, has launched their latest product: Prima CarbonZero. The online analytics platform boasts award-winning data and insights within the low carbon fuels and feedstocks sector.

Read the Press Release: Prima Markets Launches Prima CarbonZero

About the Platform

Prima CarbonZero is an intuitive platform that delivers comprehensive data and expertise.  Designed for business leaders and analysts at organizations that produce, trade, and invest in low-carbon fuels and feedstocks.

Prima CarbonZero’s current and historical pricing data covers major low-carbon markets including international ethanol, and green diesel trading in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its market analytics are underpinned by a comprehensive library of circular economy and vegetable oil feedstock pricing and fundamentals data. 

From fuel sources to feedstocks, subscribers can track low-carbon markets across critical areas. Using visualized datasets — including global trade volumes, origin and destination points and cross-country/region flows — it offers at-a-glance market analysis.

By pricing North American and European biofuels compliance tickets and dissecting biofuel mandates, it can support climate change legislation compliance. 

The Time to Plan Your Low Carbon Transition is Now

Mapping a real-life strategy toward zero carbon emissions is a critical aspect of our collective investment in a sustainable future. Your organization needs to actively invest in low-carbon efforts. Prima CarbonZero can give you a competitive advantage and is your solution for your best possible foot forward.

As Prima Markets founder Mat Stone recently discussed, bringing several options together under one platform eases many of the challenges of low-carbon investments and transitioning.

"With a unified solution, Prima CarbonZero eliminates the confusion in moving from carbon dependence," Stone explained. "Energy transition success requires the right understanding of fragmented markets to invest and trade in green premium energy products. The platform is essentially a global map and toolkit for navigating a path to net zero." 

“The transition to a carbon-free future goes beyond just mandates. It is about making our world sustainable,” Stone added. 

Is your business or organization ready to take the next step toward decarbonizing? Unsure how to get started in your planning and strategizing? Download the eBook, Mapping a Business Plan for Decarbonization: The Problem of Starting Now.

Download the eBook

Do you want to learn more about how Prima CarbonZero will help your business track and strategize on low-carbon fuels and feedstocks? Read all about the platform and schedule a live demo.

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