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Forest2Market Expands Forest2Mill Product Line to Midwest

Forest2Market introduces its Forest2Mill product line, our suite of services for buyers and sellers of logs, into the Midwest. Forest2Mill for the Midwest will report total delivered cost and cost components for:

  • Hardwood pulpwood
  • Hardwood chips
  • Aspen pulpwood
  • Softwood pulpwood
  • Softwood chips

Cost components reported will include :

  • Stumpage costs
  • Cut and skid
  • Load and haul
  • Margin
  • Other (procurement and remote woodyard overhead, woodyard freight transfers, and fuel surcharges)
  • The number of miles hauled

“Earlier this year, Gordon Culbertson, our Pacific Northwest regional manager took a tour of mills in the Midwest,” said Peter J. Stewart, Forest2Market’s founder, President and CEO. “He talked to industry leaders about their businesses and about the issues they encounter while navigating the supply chain. During these conversations, it became clear that our Forest2Mill product line could be adapted to the Midwest market to help all in the supply chain—from the forest to the market—address their business issues and make better-informed decisions.”

Forest2Market introduced Forest2Mill, a delivered raw material benchmark, in the South in 2006 and in the Pacific Northwest in 2007. The product line has since become the industry standard for improving performance in both regions.

“With the help of those in the Midwest we visited earlier this year, we’ve designed a product that speaks directly to the Midwest market,” said Gordon Culbertson. “We want to thank those who took the time to help us understand the market there. Peter Coutu, the newly appointed lead for Forest2Market’s Midwest/Northeast office, will continue to work with them to refine Forest2Mill for the Midwest market and launch a Northeast version of the product as well.”