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PiiMega Adds Forest2Market Data Export Module to PiiMega® ForestPro and PiiMega® TimberPro

February 02, 2017
Author: Forest2Market

Subscribers to Forest2Market’s Baltic Rim Benchmark service who manage their entire supply chain with PiiMega® ForestPro or PiiMega® TimberPro can now extract and export order and invoice data directly to Forest2Market.

Independent sawmills using both Forest2Market’s delivered wood price benchmark service and PiiMega’s logistics and harvesting management (ForestPro) or sawmill operations ERP (TimberPro) software can now use the Forest2Market data export module to submit data directly to the Baltic Rim Benchmark service.

PiiMega’s software is among the most widely used forestry and sawmill ERP system packages in the Nordic and the Baltic markets. The systems are designed to identify the diversity of forest industry materials and are developed for ease of use. Forest2Market’s service provides performance benchmarks and other analytics to the sawmilling industry in the Baltic Rim region. These benchmarks allow companies to compare their data with aggregated industry data from other organizations.

“Forest2Market is committed to providing every opportunity for small independent sawmills to participate in our benchmark service along with the big producers. As part of that commitment, we work with software vendors to automate the data contribution process,” said Antti Kämäräinen, Forest2Market Baltic Rim Benchmark lead. “Smaller operators have staffing constraints that larger companies do not. Recently, when we were bringing a couple of PiiMega’s customers on board, we saw a great opportunity to simplify the process for them and make it possible for their staffs to do more with the same number of resources.”

Forest2Market approached PiiMega, and PiiMega agreed to develop a new data extract and export module specifically for Forest2Market. “Now, any mill using PiiMega’s software can contribute data to Forest2Market simply by clicking a button on a computer,” said Kämäräinen.

“Whenever we see an opportunity to make our customers’ jobs easier, you would be hard pressed to keep us from doing so,” said Antti Miettunen, PiiMega’s Chairman and VP, Wood Processing. “PiiMega and Forest2Market have that in common. Both companies are in the business of helping our customers streamline operations and decision making processes.”


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