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From biomass suppliers in the Baltics to pulp producers in Brazil and TIMOs in the United States, Forest2Market provides products and services for suppliers, producers and other stakeholders in the global forest products industry.

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Eric Kingsley

Recent Posts

August 04, 2022
We Need to Tell Our Story – At Every Opportunity
The following was recently published by our friends at Forest Resources Association, and was authored by Eric Kingsley,
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March 03, 2022
We Need to Worry About the Logging Sector
Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to speak with a dozen or more loggers across the Northeast, and I...
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January 25, 2022
Forest Industry Workforce: A Critical Component for a Climate Conscious Economy
In December, I presented to the Forest Resource Association’s Northeast Region on challenges the forest industry (and...
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July 06, 2021
Forest Carbon Markets Create New Opportunities for Multiple Stakeholders
Understanding the complex relationships that exist between carbon emissions and environmental carbon sequestration is...
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December 29, 2020
New COVID and Economic Stimulus Package Has a Lot for Forest Products Industry
Congress has passed and the President has signed a COVID relief and economic stimulus package. This is large and...
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July 15, 2020
Economic Trends in the Northeast Forest Industry
This post, written by Eric Kingsley of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, was originally published by Farm Credit...
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April 01, 2020
Funding for the Forest Industry: SBA Paycheck Protection Program
This blog post was developed by Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC using publicly-available information. Please...
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November 16, 2018
NH Biomass Sustains Veto, but a New Challenge Emerges
Biomass fuel is an important market for New Hampshire’s forest industry and, despite recent victories in the state...
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July 09, 2018
More Uncertainty for NH Biomass on the Horizon
In New Hampshire, nearly half of the volume of wood harvest goes to biomass markets. With the recent veto of...
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March 21, 2018
More Challenges for New England Biomass as Connecticut Changes RPS
Connecticut recently released its long-awaited Comprehensive Energy Strategy, which contains bad news (though expected)...
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November 27, 2017
Biomass Plants in the Northeast Scramble to Change Business Model
In the Northeast, biomass electricity plants are staring at some tough economics. For many standalone wood-fired...
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August 09, 2017
New Hampshire Biomass Gets a Temporary Lifeline, But What’s Next?
Biomass markets in New England are having a tough time surviving. Low wholesale power prices, combined with flagging...
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April 24, 2017
Maine Forest Industry Positioning Itself for the Future
Sometimes you need to step back, take a breath and evaluate things objectively. With a string of pulp mill closures,...
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January 27, 2017
Residues Becoming a Problem for Northeastern Mills
If you can’t move chips, you can’t make lumber. Sometimes we forget that when a sawmill buys logs (cylinders) and sells...
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August 10, 2016
Declining Electricity Prices in the Northeast Hinder Biomass Market
In 2015, New Hampshire set a record for biomass use: 2.6 million tons of low-grade wood was converted to electricity....
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May 16, 2016
Softwood Pulpwood Demand Declines in the Northeast
When the Madison Paper mill in Maine closed this month, it marked the loss of the last major softwood pulpwood market...
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January 28, 2016
Northeast Pulpwood Market Creates Challenges, Uncertainty for Region
In the thirteen-month period from November 2014 through December 2015, Maine lost markets for about 2 million green...
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